Mk.1 spaghetti

Discussion in 'Coaching stock' started by Dog Star, 18 December 2012.

  1. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    Two pictures for your delectation...

    br mk1 air brake a.jpg

    br mk1 air brake b.jpg

    I am no good at spaghetti.... Bob, help!!!!

    Please be so kind as to explain what is going on here 'cos one of our circa 1988 Mk.1s is dual heat and dual brake (the restaurant as you might guess).

    thanks and regards, Graham
  2. Bob Reid

    Bob Reid Western Thunderer

    Where do you start Graham! there's a fair old mix in the top photo of gas pipes, electrical conduit (both original and as added for the ETH conversion and brake pipes for the dual brake conversion)! The bottom photo shows the two main air pipes attached to the bottom longitudinal, with the ETH conduit above and to the rear of it the (lagged) main steam heating pipe - and interesting for you, the ETH main fuse box - sitting up behind the solebar.

  3. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    Thank you Bob - sometimes I wish that I did not get started on some of these adventures.

    For now, and in the light of your comment about what is present in the second photo, what fittings got added where to a Mk.1 underframe for ETH? (ignoring the ETH jumpers at the ends). If I have some idea of what ought to be there then at least I can go looking for such things when photographing carriages.

    regards, Graham
  4. Bob Reid

    Bob Reid Western Thunderer

    That ETH distribution fuse box you photographed is about as complicated as it got underneath on most Mk1's Graham. Positions varied according to type and (though not surprising) since the conversions first started back in 1962.