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  1. Ian Smith

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    Adrian,you'll struggle to find any evidence of a station anywhere near Modbury - the station is all a figment of my imagination :) however the road that runs along the back of the layout does represent what is now the A379.
  2. Ian Smith

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    This weekend (9th & 10th Sept) Modbury will be at its first public exhibition at the Swindon Steam Festival at the Steam museum in Swindon. Also present in 2FS will be Niger Ashton's Llangerisech and Mick Simpson's Callaton. Obviously there are many other layouts and attractions too.
  3. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Western Thunderer

    Well, Modbury survived its first public exhibition over the weekend!
    Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera to Swindon, so only took 3 photos on my phone of Modbury all weekend :

    First an overall shot of the layout on Saturday morning before the punters arrived with Steve trying to learn how it all works

    A Plymouth bound passenger heading into the station

    A Newton Abbot bound cattle train (being hauled by a somewhat out of period 45xx borrowed from fellow 2mm modeller Andy Carlson for the weekend - thank you Andy!)

  4. daifly

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    It was very good to chat and to inspect your very fine layout Ian!
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  6. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Western Thunderer

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  7. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Western Thunderer

    Dave, it was good to be able to put a face to a name! Thank you very much for your kind comments.

    Thank you, John
  8. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad Mick's Minions

    Stunning - this one especially you'd be hard pushed to peg this at 2mmFS

    [​IMG]IMGP2529 by Stephen Croucher, on Flickr

    I must have missed this one at some point but looks like another award winning loco in the pipeline.

    [​IMG]IMGP2567 by Stephen Croucher, on Flickr
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  9. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Western Thunderer

    Thank you Adrian. As often happens on 2FS layouts at exhibitions that midland engine is a visitor to South Devon. It's one of Jerry Clifford's lovely creations. A midland/S&D 4-4-0 of some description also had a run too.
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  10. Ian Smith

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    I've finally made a little more progress with my GWR Buffalo saddle tank. The outside frames have at last been fretted and filed to shape!
    Once the buffer beams have been fabricated these will be soldered to the footplate. The outside frames have been formed in 0.006" nickel silver, CAD artwork of the frames with the rivet positions marked on being printed on self adhesive label and attached to the metal so that the rivets could be formed with a "drop riveter" and then the metal carefully fretted and filed to shape. The first photo shows the label still attached to the top frame, the lower frame shows the outside with the formed rivets.

    The next photo shows the same with the almost complete chassis. The chassis has been milled to shape from 6mm square brass with a 1mm thick strip attached on one side. Once the profile (and other cut-outs) had been milled, the pair were bolted together with a separating strip of insulation tape between them to insulate both halves of the chassis to facilitate the split frame construction generally used in 2mm modelling. Perhaps not obvious, but the bolts joining the two halves of the chassis are in tapped plugs in the main chassis block to preserve the insulation.

    The motor is one of Nigel Lawton's 8mmx16mm ones, and the connecting wires will be shortened at some point later in the build. A 2 stage reduction drives the rear wheels and a small steel flywheel shaped to clear the worm gear sits on an the extended motor shaft supported in a small ball race.

  11. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie Western Thunderer


    Do you place an insulating bush in the 1mm thick strip, where supporting the ends of the gear shafts? Or are these shafts 'split-shafts', as done for axles?

    -Brian McK.
  12. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad Mick's Minions

    I'm sure Ian will correct me if I'm wrong but I suspect they are "split shafts" for the gears. It is a common 2mmFS solution, the 2mmFS shop supplies acetal insulating bushes for gears
    Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 23.54.54.png

    Shop 3 list
  13. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Western Thunderer

    As Adrian has said I have employed the standard 2mmFS method of "split shafts" held in an insulating bush (or muff). The wheels also have "stub axles" which are held within muffs too. All of these axles (both wheel and gear shafts) are running in phosphor bronze bearings in the brass chassis.

    I haven't got a suitable early photo of my Buffalo chassis, but my Metro tank employs a similar method (albeit without the phosphor bronze bearings). Here is an exploded view of my Metro chassis :
    Chassis 4.JPG
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