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    Thank you. From the photographic evidence that I have, the short 6'0" posts that I am modelling did not have a ladder bar. The taller 8'0" posts sometimes seemed to have them though. I assume that the lamp lighter could just about reach or have a short set of steps or something to allow easier access when lighting the lamp.

    To be honest turning the lamp posts is relatively quick and I now have a little stash (although still need 2 more). The lamp support is also relatively quick to add to the tops of the posts. The real b**gers are the acrylic glasses, mainly because once they have been milled and polished (while still on the end of the bar), the fiddly bit is filing the pyramid roof on them simply because the only bit you can hold is the tapered part that is only 3mm long - I've made 4 more tonight and my forefinger/thumb of left hand is quite sore. I actually did a swap with the workshop monster too tonight - I lost one I was filing and while looking for it I found the completed one that I lost the other day :)

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