Basingstoke Model Rail Show 2019 - down on Arun Quay

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    For those who follow the posts about the Basingstoke Model Railway Show each year then you are not going to receive any surprises this time around - the usual "formal" details, the hope-to-include photos (dependent upon what I can obtain from the exhibitors), the occasional response from the floor (that means you!) and possibly yet another appearance from the Red Hat.

    The show is at:-

    Aldworth Science College,
    Western Way,
    RG22 6HQ

    on Saturday 9th March from 10.00 to 17.00 (or 5/00 for those of a timetable persuasion)
    and Sunday 10th March from 10.00 to 16.00 (or 4/00 etc.)

    Admission is:-
    * adult £6.00 including free show guide
    * child £3.00
    * family £12.00 for two adults and three children

    Here is a link to the Exhibition page on the Club's website where you can find details of traders, directions and the Heritage Bus service

    Here is a link to the layouts which are attending.

    Here is a link to the show flyer so please print one and show to those who are not WTers. I am embarrased to say that what I consider to be the star attraction has been omitted from the flyer... rumours are correct, Gordon and Maggie are bringing Arun Quay to our 2019 show.

    I am resting from organising the "Best-in-Show" in 2019. I am pleased to announce that Steve Flint (editor of Railway Modeller) is making a welcome return as guest Judge for the 2019 show. Steve was the first "guest" Judge when our Club embraced the idea of inviting acknowledged specialists from the world of railway modelling and that change has benefitted our club and the show.

    In previous years there have been "smatterings" of WTers attending the show and much tea was drunk and much talk was exchanged at informal gatherings. If anyone wishes to propose a place and time for a WT-get-together then please chip in with ideas.

    regards, Graham
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    Here is a starter for the Basingstoke 2019 show - Arun Quay by Gordon and Maggie Gravett. I might be mistaken, I think that I invited Gordon to bring his "next" layout when he was packing Pempoul after that layout appeared at out show in 2014 or 2015. Even back then Gordon had had invitations for Arun Quay from other clubs and that speaks volumes for his skill in creating a believable slice of railway history.

    Gordon has supplied a fair number of images - all his copyright - so there are going to be several excursions to this part of the South Coast.




    No caption comment from me with these photos, no need for these are masterpieces. Just zoom in and browse the texture, the tones, the detail - look for the coal which has been spilt from the bunker and resting on the footplate.
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    Definitely my favourite layout on the current exhibition circuit.