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    Thanks for the replies. John Birch is going to meet Steve's family to help them sort out some of the railway stuff in January and will try to find the missing info then. We are pretty sure Steve bought a box full of vaping heater coils on ebay and was using those in the later versions, the missing links are the CAD files and the source of the fans shown in Brian's photo. Will post an update when we know more.
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    I may be able to help. I had a conversation with Steve in May last year about his steam units and how they were constructed, although I only discovered today that he had passed away - very sad.

    However, Steve imparted quite a bit of info and some drawings, and I think the 3D CADs. Certainly there is reference on the messages to him sending me the 3D files by email - and I never delete anything - so I'll go and have a trawl.

    However, Steve said that the motors, fan rotors and heater elements all came from MTH. In his own words....

    The part number for the fan is AI-0000019
    The heating elements are AI-0000018-10

    I don't have a number for the motor but its just their 5V fan motor. A better motor is called N10WA 07235, they're slightly shorter tan there standard motors and are therefore easier to fit in. Whilst I've found a supplier of them in China you have to buy 500 of them! I haven't been able to find anyone who can supply a small quantity of them. If you find anyone, then please let me know.

    I'll try and find the 3D drawings, I do have some PDFs that he sent, if anyone wants anything them please do PM me, either on here (which I look in once or twice a week mostly) or rmWeb (same username) which I looked at daily lol!

    Hope that helps somebody.

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    Thanks for your information Rich.

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    Rich & Len,
    Have just seen your posts this morning. Over the last couple of weeks the Love Lane team have collected all the railway related equipment from Steve's flat and have been sorting through it. I can confirm Rich's info about the heating elements & fan blades. The motors Steve had in stock are rated 3 volts, part number FF-20PN and are available in batches of 10 on eBay: 50pcs Mabuchi Ff-n20pa 3v DC Micro Motor 12100rpm 0.045a No Load | eBay. I can also supply the part numbers for the relays and nano fuses.

    On Tuesday by coincidence almost as Rich was typing his post we made copies of the Solidworks files that were on Steve's "Railway" PC and John has seen the tank units among them. We don't have copies in a portable file format at the moment but I'm sure John can produce those if required.

    I'm now the proud owner of the original smoke & steam 8F which is currently in bits on my bench while I try to fix problems with the heaters, function codes and servo with help from John Gymer. We found that the servo and some of the heater coils had burnt out, also the function codes and inertia settings had been modified to work with TrainController software. I haven't plucked up courage to cut into the shrinkwrap encapsulating the very neat decoder package yet, maybe tomorrow.

    Its clear that Steve continued to develop the technology after the initial version and the "motherboard" now fitted to the 8F is much smaller than his original vero board version. When the package is opened I suspect we'll find an etched circuit board and if that is the case we will look for the design among the Solidworks files.

    I've taken more photos of the set-up in the 8F and will post them when I have the decoder package open, probably next week. My plan is to have the 8F running at the Albury Scale 7 meeting and if people are interested we can have a demo set of the inner workings so you can see the fans going etc.

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    I am using Solidworks at work. If you need conversions or modification, please contact me. Would be happy to help at this exciting project.

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    Thanks for the offer, John does also have access to Solidworks so we should be able to produce the goods ourselves when we have sorted out what is current and who needs it.