Modelling the Met in 7mm

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    [ Posts copied from Brushes Laser Cutting Workbench for completeness - Adrian ]

    Baker st building backs001 (800x798).jpg Hi Phil,
    can you give us some idea of the modular dimensions for the warehouse and also if you intend to add a part low relief roof and parapet.
    I am thinking of making up something like this [see photo] particularly like the short top panel which would then allow for a flat roof.
    I could use your load openings and window panels to make up something close.
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  2. oldravendale

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    Well, b****r the warehouse! What a fantastic photo. Where and when - more details please! Met railway locos and locations are a great interest and this one is a new viewpoint for me.

  3. Oz7mm

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    Either the bay at Liverpool St or Platform 1 at Baker St. The former I suspect.

  4. Scale7JB

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    That really is an amazing picture...

  5. oldravendale

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    Thanks for the info, John.

    I suppose it could be the bay at Baker Street but I don`t know where the photo was taken from if it's so. I can't place a road way over the railway in this configuration at Baker Street either. Liverpool Street, which I knew less well, is, I guess and as you say, the likely location.

    Interestingly, (for me at least), loco No 18 hauled the last official Met Railway loco hauled train on 10 September 1961. I was on it with my dear old dad. Michael Faraday was withdrawn in 1962 and scrapped in 1966.

  6. mickoo

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    It's Baker Street, the building still exists.

    Care of Bing birds eye imaging.


    And from Google street view.


    The front of the building care of Google street view


    The image was taken from the roof of this building in Allsop Place.


    Baker Street station is to the right behind that low wall.

    I've always thought this....

    .....or Edgeware Road would make really good small layouts, Farringdon is a little large and too open, but these two have always ticked my boxes.

    I took a few test photos a few years back and keep meaning to go back some time and snap away

    LUL Baker St.jpg

    Here's a platform view of roughly the same area, the photographer would of been up on that building to the upper right.

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  7. Oz7mm

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    And I know a man who will sell you a very decent kit for the loco. Clearly an unbiased opinion.

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  8. mickoo

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    Pity he doesn't do A or C stock, actually, it's probably a good job he doesn't ;)
  9. Oz7mm

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    I'll take that as a request!
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  10. oldravendale

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    Well I'll be whatever the word is! I didn't recognise it I suspect because the photo I took of a loco on the lay by siding is on the other side of the complex. The line the loco stands on is, I seem to remember, a bay with the two centre roads being the through lines from Kings Cross. And I'd never have had the opportunity of that view from the building opposite. All in all a great find. Lovely bit of research (again) Mickoo.

    I suspect the loco kit you are talking about, John, is the one from Ken's Profiles. It's a great kit, although I've not started mine yet. I built the one from "Nationalised Railways" and it was awful! Ken has expanded his range in to the coaches and now the steam locos too, but you are probably aware of that.

    Thread hi jack over - sorry about that. If we want to continue suggest we set up a new thread.

  11. mickoo

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    we'll discuss this at sudbury ;) IIt's one of my longer term projects but I'd prefer to try and combine sone sort of LOL alongside BT as opposed tof pure LUL I think LOL
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  12. mickoo

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    Brian there's two dead end roads 1 &4 ,2&3 are straight through is how I remember it, so the met locos would of been on either side of the main through roads
  13. Barnaby

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    800px-Baker_Street_station,_country_end_geograph-3255328-by-Ben-Brooksbank.jpg Yeah Baker st it is,
    you can also look as it is now on Google, I'll check if I kept the details.
    Oops hadn't spotted the google posts above.
    Interesting to see that Bing use exactly the same shots see the 2 buses are in the same place as Google but they allow some more variation in views.
    Another view pic.
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  14. oldravendale

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    You are correct except that there was a loco lay by where I photographed the loco below.
    5.  Baker Street Station.  Personal Collection.  10 September 1961.  Final.  Photo Brian Dale.jpg

    The building in front of which the loco stands is now painted white. Although the spur has gone most of Baker Street looks the same.

    Here's one (very poor photo - sorry) of a loco coming through Baker Street from the suburbs towards Liverpool Street, and this is on the up through line. Again, this still exists. The building which started this discussion is on the left hand side. The loco spur is on the right.

    7.  See Properties Details Comments for information.  FINAL.jpg

  15. Engineer

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    Agreed, an excellent picture in post 696, and I'm also pleased to detect others with a great interest in the Metropolitan. My thanks for the variety of images that have been posted.

    Mustn't add too much more to this diversion from the thread other than confirming that loco 18 was standing at the country end of Platform 1 and that the large building in the background of the original image is a Metropoitan Railway sub-station building, crammed into a restricted space. Another positive endorsement of the 'Ken's Profiles' models, by the way, but I am biased, with two of the electric loco kits in the early stages of build, and having done much research on the minutiae of the locos and the rest of the Met. Raiway.
  16. Oz7mm

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    Welcome to those who have found their way from Brush's laser cutting workshop.

  17. oldravendale

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    Having said I'd start a new thread I then failed to do so in the belief that it had probably petered out. Bet it has now!

  18. Oz7mm

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    Well, for starters, are there any 7mm Met modellers out there? I'm not, though I used to be but I do have an involvement by doing the artwork for Ken's Profiles. At some stage, I'll post some pictures of Ken's Rickmansworth layout which is quite something.

  19. oldravendale

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    Not really, John, in that I don't have a layout at all! (And I'd love to see some photo's of Ken's layout - the one I'm not building would be of Rickmansworth - almost any region of loco would be prototypical except for Scottish.) However, I have a soft spot for the electric locos and the E and F tanks, together with the Dreadnought and Chesham Branch stock. All as a result of a close childhood relationship with the Met and wonderful days out on the train before we had a family car. Furthermore Steph built me one of the electric locos from scratch in 4mm out of Plasticard when he was about 10 - a remarkable model as he was working almost entirely from photos and yet it has captured the look of the loco perfectly. It holds a treasured place in my collection.

    Interestingly, when I go to exhibitions London Underground layouts seem to attract a lot of attention. Certainly, in the '50s and early '60s (no, not 1850, Steph) there was huge variety, added to which an uncle was a Divisional Inspector based at Earls Court, so I used to get tickets to any event and a copy of the poster as well.

    I have a Ken's Profiles electric loco to build and five really tatty Dreadnoughts to rebuild at some time. I may well buy an E and F tank too - but my modelling is totally scatter gun and I'll never have the discipline to build just one railway's productions.

  20. Steph Dale

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    I was 11 and built it from Railway Modeller drawings and some of your photos and books. Power was from a couple of Tri-ang motor bogies...

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