Modern Image O Gauge (MIOG) 24th/25th of October 2020 Crewe Heritage Centre

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    Well after last years successful MIOG show at Rawtenstall we've decided to do it all again! This year at Crewe Heritage Centre. Are we mad? Well yes probably.

    We've still got some work to do on layouts but a number of traders and manufactures have already confirmed:


    -Buzz Models
    -Coastal DCC
    -DCC Supplies
    -Northumbrian Painting Services
    -Made In Manchester
    -SBT Developments
    -Todmorden Model Supplies
    -Tower Collection

    -Telford Steam Railway

    -Seven Mill Depot (1968 onwards)
    -Chelagasa Town (1968-1975)
    -Hapford (Preserved Railway)
    -Buxworth Sidings (Post 1995)

    Details on our latest news page:

    Latest News
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    ***Important Information below***

    Given the world crisis with Coronavirus we have had numerous discussions amongst the MIOG team and from theses discussions we feel that we now have no alternative but to cancel the show for the;

    24th/25th of October 2020.

    We feel that we will not be able to offer an exhibition that would be not only safe, for exhibitors & traders, but also safe for visitors to the exhibition. We don’t have the space to allow us to comply with social distancing regulations that are currently being enforced by the government. We’ve been exploring various options regarding this, and unfortunately we feel that it would not be safe to hold the exhibition at the end of the year. Combined with the none guarantee that the tourism trade will be back open. Which could make booking exhibitors and traders into nearby hotels difficult. It could also affect visitor numbers to the exhibition, and would mean the show could potentially run at a loss, and traders would be out of pocket.

    We hope that everyone who was signed up and planned to attend the show in 2020 will understand the difficult decision that we’ve had to make. It’s certainly not one that we’ve taken lightly.

    We endeavour to work with our sponsors, traders & exhibitors to confirm a new date for 2021 at the new venue of Crewe Heritage Centre, once we deem it safe to restart and run the exhibition in a safe manner. We will be contacting Traders & Exhibitors later in the year to book for our new 2021 exhibition once we have confirmed these details with the venue.

    We hope that you’ll understand our decision and continue to support the Modern Image O Gauge show & venture. If you have any further questions regarding this year's show, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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    Probably the one time that large rucksacks on shoulders would be gladly appreciated for social distancing..

    Sorry to hear that you have cancelled the show, and may be a precursor to shows like Guildex.

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    To be honest a lot of people will feel uneasy at a large gathering of bodies in a relatively confined space, sad to say.
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    Sorry to hear of your decision. Probably a good call, only time will tell.

    good luck for next year