7mm MOK BR Standard 4MT Tank

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    Right, I can confirm some more detail from yesterdays post. The piston rod packing consist of two shaped interlocking pieces that fit around the piston rod and there are two sets of these within the stuffing box. They are primarily lubricated by the oil feed pipe that enters at an angle into the rear cylinder cover. The swab box on the slidebar is to ensure that there is some lubrication on the piston rod as it enters the packing to make sure the interface isn't dry, but no more that that. Hope this explains it.
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    Thank you Martin - t'was your photos of a few months back which gave the clue to the purpose of the several pipes in the area of the stuffing box.
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    Being part of the team that originally restored 80136 to service, I can confirm that (nearly) all the external brass components are reproduction. That said, I can assure you that the original owner Philip Oldfield is a real stickler for authenticity and made a lot of effort to source the correct original, or good replica parts, so I will be surprised if anything isn't correct.

    Trivia point; the only original external brass part on the loco., is the window frame immediately behind the driver's seat for when going in reverse. For some reason the scrappers missed this in Barry, so it was still on the loco. when we got it.

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