Prototype Moquette material over the ages

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    I blame this topic on Bob (@Bob-65B)... fancy suggesting, in this post, that the fabric in the picture below, was from a bus!


    I was sure that I had seen the pattern somewhere before... as had my Sons... so we went looking for bus moquettes - no good there. However, an interesting link from a Google search took us to a web-site about the use of materials in transport. Bingo, about half way down the page is a pattern for use in first class seating in South West Trains stock, more to the point the caption contained a link to "Holdsworth". Now Holdsworth is a business that has made moquette for the railway industry for years and that business has retained an archive of jaquard cards for the looms... and is able to make new material to patterns from over the ages.

    Starting here is a plethora of moquettes used in the transport industry. Probably of most interest to WTers are the fabrics used for railway carriages... so select the bespoke option and start exploring.... filter for "heritage" to see the materials that have been / are being purchased by the preservationists.

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    I don't see much of the above moquette but recognised it immediately: first class SWT seats! Thanks for the links Graham.

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    South-West Trains - come on Graham keep up SWT = Stagecoach (Bus Co.) = Post 95' = Post BR...... :)

    I can't find via your link the bespoke stuff.... ?
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