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Discussion in 'WR Action' started by Mr Grumpy, 28 April 2015.

  1. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Western Thunderer

    I’m taking a couple of weeks off from building and enjoying playing with the models I have built over the last couple of years :)
    My MMP suburban BS made its maiden voyage behind my JLTRT 22. I’m so pleased to have it in service, it runs beautifully and gives the loco a nice hefty weight to pull!
    1581B810-CD27-4441-AD3E-E99E0AAD1AD4.jpeg 6768D7FE-B035-4F85-A05B-200D4C3C6570.jpeg
  2. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Western Thunderer

    A short parcel working awaits departure behind 7418.
    The auto trailer will get a tad grimy once I can bring myself to do it :)

    Meanwhile, the wagons at the abattoirs look even cleaner :)
  3. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Western Thunderer

    As the year draws to an end, signs of the new order have arrived in the shape of a prestine 08....and a cuckoo in the nest

    Happy new year to all!
    5F9513A3-0F45-4B0D-AE54-26ED070D0A3A.jpeg 6EB277AC-6743-4C6F-A883-2E77A1C5B4C8.jpeg
  4. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I trust track rationalisation is not going to be order of the day...;)
  5. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Western Thunderer

    Only on the embankment :)