Scattergun MTH workshop or A Glutton for Punishment.

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by mth, 22 February 2011.

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    Well It was nice to see some new and old faces at the Bristol show:thumbs:, including one member who nearly demanded I told him the answer to my last question:rant::rant:.....
    Well to put him out of his miserey:headbang:.......There are 8 non Easybuild bogies in the box. The 2 silver B1 and 6 Commomwelth.

    Now to start on the next batch of coaches:thumbs:. More photo's soon.
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    For a change I've started on a Loco convertion.:headbang:
    The quistion i was asked was can I convert a Heljan 45 into a 45/1.
    My answer was, should be easy, you only need to add the ETH cables to the front..........WRONG.

    Complete bogie-Loco dismantalation just to get to the Buffer-beam off.
    Then body alterations.

    and I've agreed to convert a 45 to a 46.:headbang:

    and some people wonder why I have
    A Glutton for Punishment in my thred title.

    Also add the 10 coaches i'm building.......
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    you worry tooooo much dude. lol
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    Quick update
    the Class 45 to 46 and the Class 45 to 45/1 convertion

    Some of the coaches in finnel primer
    and the other convertion waiting bits
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    Been keeping myself busy over the last couple of weeks
    Easybuild Suburbans....
    BTO M43226

    BTO M43301

    Third M46063

    Third M46080

    and Last but not least a TO[NG] W48028 with part scratchbuilt interior.

    Now to get on with the other coaches and Loco's...............
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    another probuctive week in the shed. It will be a pity to have to go back to work.
    Converted Heljan Cl 45 into a Cl46. Just need to alter the frount end, Roof and Battery Box.
    Just need to get the nameplate.

    IMG_2793.JPG Other convertion was a 45/0 into a 45/1. Fit ETH cables, fill in foof and steps on body side.
    Now to finish the last 4 coaches.:headbang:
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    IMG_2803.JPG 45149 now with correct headcode box at this one only.
  12. mth

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    Went to Ally Pally over the weekend, and came back with a new loco.

    Oxford Janus. Now converted to EM. Just 2 Horse Boxes to convert.
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    Just a little weathering to finish this one
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    we have a nice warm day here today, so time to clean and scrub a few items........,
    now to prime them and paint.......
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    :eek: this must be a new definition of "few" that I'm not aware of!
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    Compaired to the 10 coach build i had last year then this is a "few"
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    Ever had one of those days when everything seems to be going right then a small chip wrecks everything.
    This was a fully lined and nearly finished BCK.
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    Next 2 now ready. Both Eastbuild....
    IMG_2933.JPG Including the stretcher window
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