My next Scale 7 loco.

Discussion in 'S7 Group' started by Prairie Tank, 12 July 2019.

  1. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    I have one of these already, a wasp stiped green one in O fine scale, she is a great runner, very well detailed and sound fantastic with her Paul Chetter sound chip, so last week I purchased a black version.

    She is currently away being changed to scale 7. I have another Paul Chetter sound decoder ready for her return.

    New 08 scale7.jpg

    John :)
  2. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    And why not, they're crazy good value..

    Would anyone now build a kit for one? A genuine question..

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  3. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    For the simple satisfaction of having made something myself. As they say it's the journey and not the destination which is why I have an MMP kit sat on the shelf to be built at some point.
  4. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    JB mate,
    If a top flight kit, like MOK etc, was produced I would prefer building one. As jelly moulds go the Dapol 08 is good value, but I think it all depends how accurate a model you desire, and us model makers can be quite pedantic or not so.
    Sure there's details on the RTR's that can be pulled to bits, like under nourished springs and axle boxes, over thick buffer plates etc.
    Not for me :D, but ok for others :thumbs:

    Now if a kit of one of these was produced ( J45 ).....but it looks as if I'm gonna scratch build :D

    LNER J45.jpg

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  5. 76043

    76043 Western Thunderer

    I bought one, sure the springs are anemic, but it looks great overall. For me it's a lot of time saved that can be devoted to other aspects of this hobby such as accurate operation.

    I'm often surprised to see superb model accuracy with no operational accuracy, but that's my opinion and what others do is their business. The beauty of this hobby is there is no one answer, so build one if that's what you want to do and run it like a toy train set if you wish. The irony of this statement is my Dublo based Cameo layout is the exact opposite, so call me a hypocrite, but I'd repeat that you are free to do whatever you wish in this hobby.

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  6. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    As far as I know there were only 3 kits available in 7mm, MMP, Acorn and JLTRT but there may have been others. When I think of the time effort and cost it took to build the MMP and Acorn kits, for those just needing an 08 to run on a layout, it makes no sense to go the kit route when you can pick up the RTR version for less than £200. From my one point of view I would still like to build the JLTR kit if I can pick one up some time.
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  7. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer

    I ahve a part built MMP 08 kit and one day I will finish it, but now I run my Dapol 08s instead.

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  8. DougT

    DougT Western Thunderer


    As a means of getting started in 7mm, these 08’s are fantastic, mine being an S7 conversion by @eastsidepilot (Cheers Col, it runs really well :thumbs:). Clearly the test run was on more than a templot print...!

    Personally, the level of detail on these meets my demands for accuracy, and aside from a little weathering and a renumber I’m not planning to do much to it. Having an RTR 08 means I can (and hopefully will) be able to put time into locos that are unlikely to ever be RTR - currently tempted on an Andrew Barclay 0-6-0 D2400.

    As for the price? I got this for £150 new.
  9. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Hi Doug,
    An absolute bargain. Unless you can build and paint to a very high standard (or have the cash to pay someone who can), you can't get anywhere near this quality of model. They are both superior to the 2 examples I have built and painted.

    As S7JB says, would anyone build a kit for one?

    Well, yes I would. However, I don't build layouts, carriages, wagons and all the other other stuff that makes up the hobby, so for anyone who does they are an a absolute God send.

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  10. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    The Dapol 08 is probably the best of the bunch from that level of the RTR market, the upper end being Masterpiece etc. (but that's another ball game). It's better than the Pannier to my mind, but having said that they are all good value especially if all you want is to play trains.
    I'm not sure how many 08's have sold to the O gauge market, but I am surprised at how many sold to the S7 guys, I've lost count at how many I've converted, and not just the 08's.

    The latest conversions are the Minerva Manning Wardle, I'm up to 3 so far and threatened with more.:D

    I've even found myself converting the high end RTR's to S7 including early Masterpiece Models and those from Lee Marsh.
    Enjoy them guys :thumbs::), but I still like to build a good kit or scratch build :D

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  11. michl080

    michl080 Western Thunderer

    the ancient brass MMP 08 is still a fantastic kit.
    I bought one at Ebay some time ago and building it was a very pleasant experience.


  12. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Looks very convincing as a work worn 08 Michael.

    Was it an all brass kit? The one I built had a 3 piece resin bonnet and the rest in brass. A very good kit to build but the 3 piece casting was not up to the standard of JLTRT or Finney. The Acorn kit (the black one) was all brass but the etchings were no where near as good as the MMP one and neither were the cast white metal detail parts. Still it makes a nice 08 in the end.

  13. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    I’ve a Bachmann 08 converted to S7 and detailed with a MMP detailing kit. Probably the hardest route to take and all done by @eastsidepilot
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  14. michl080

    michl080 Western Thunderer

    the prototype was quite worn when I saw it.


    I think there were some versions of the MMP Class08, mine had only one casting. The sidewalls and the front are brass, only the hood above the handrails is a cast part. It was great fun to copy all the bits and pieces from the prototype. Did you notice that the cooler cover that covers the lowest four slots is mounted upside down? And 3605 has only three sand pipes and one ladder ....

    @John, sorry for hijacking your thread.

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  15. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    That is a fantastic photo Michael, great for weathering references too.

    John :)
  16. farnetti

    farnetti Western Thunderer

    [the ancient brass MMP 08 is still a fantastic kit.]

    I have one and am looking forward to build it in S7 but have already made a change.

    The Dapol is great value but lacking the crank from the rear LHS connecting rod, looks so obvious and doesn't do it for me.

    If I didn't like building stuff I would go for the Dapol.

  17. NewportRod

    NewportRod Active Member

    Here's my WIP Manning Wardle undergoing running trials on Peter Drost's Tanat Valley III- running OK but needs finishing

    Honddu on TVIII -1 .jpeg
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