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    Thank you Ian -Looks interesting.

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    REVIEW issue 113 is now at the printers. You have just a few days left to renew to ensure you are included in the distribution - you can check your status here. New subscribers are very welcome: REVIEW subscription - we can start your subscription from 111 or 112 and we will send you these copies direct. You can also order back issues - the contents can be found here: REVIEW index

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    Issue 114 has been sent to the printers and will be distributed soon. The contents are as follows:
    • Nettlebridge Evicted and Re-housed - Noel Adams tells the tale of how his 5·5mm Scale layout had to be rehoused
    • More notes on the Stronach-Dutton Road-Rail system - Further research into this fascinating topic by Stuart L Baker
    • Talyllyn Railway Pendre Crossing Gates - Detective work and modelling by Peter Kazer
    • Royal Arsenal Railway 18inch gauge 3D Printed Models - Henrik Laurell describes his approach to 3D designed and printed models
    • Avonside 0-4-0T Locomotive for the Royal Arsenal 18inch Gauge System - Makers GA scale drawing
    • Polish GLS30 diesel in 1:24 - Steve Holland describes a novel approach to modelling a locomotive
    • Dinorwic Quarry Table Incline - Stuart L Baker draws and describes a classic Slate Quarry feature
    • Building an O14 Joffre - Nick Brown builds the Mark Clark 7mm scale kit
    • The Péchot system on the Russian Front - Sarah Wright sheds new light on the use of 60cm gauge railways during World War One
    Plus the usual product and book reviews, letters and jottings.

    You've got just a few days left to renew if you haven't done so already - check your account here: Account

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    Issue 115 has been prepared and is at the printers for distribution next week. The contents are:
    • Sidi Fontana - Franck Combe builds a Moroccan diorama in OO9
    • Desert Derailment - WW1 Archive material – WD 60cm in Palestine
    • Train to Ramallah - WW1 Archive material – WD 60cm out of Jerusalem
    • Dinky Donkies of Panama - Drawings and research by Stuart L Baker
    • Dry Stone Slate Walls - How to create them in 7mm scale with David John
    • Combe Hay Mine - Colour photographs taken by Justin Edwards
    • Steam in the Forest II - Roy C Link revisits an old project in 1:48 scale
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