NBR No3 Axlebox

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  1. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Some pics

    Dimensions, the front face is 7" wide, the flange at the rear against the W iron is 10" high, overall width and height 12", more or less. Hope this is helpful.
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  2. AndyB

    AndyB Western Thunderer

    Excellent - thanks Martin.
    There are a lot of subtle details, even in what is a relatively simple design.
    Now to get a 3D CAD model looking like it...
    I'll post it up for review and comments.

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  3. AndyB

    AndyB Western Thunderer

    NBR Axlebox02.png NBR Axlebox03.png NBR Axlebox00.png Here's my CAD interpretation - using a combination of Martins photos and some drawings of the Attocks patent box (to which it bears a very close resemblance) in A. J. Watts' book on the P.O. wagons of Ince Waggon and Ironworks Co . The final G3 version will have a hole in the top to take a small coil spring (hidden under the leaf spring casting).
    AutoCAD 2000 was used for the modelling, whilst these renderings are from Meshlab, which I find to be a great tool for checking stl files.
    Any comments on bits that don't look right are welcome.

    Thanks again to Martin for taking and posting the photos.
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  4. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    Looks superb. Thanks Andy and thanks Martin.

  5. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    I'm immensely impressed, returning from a few days away, to see what Andy has done with my few hastily snapped pics, well done sir. I'm also pleased that my minor input has been useful, as always if I can help with anything in the SRPS collection I will endeavour to do so, I readily recognise it's not just down the road for a lot of folk.