New Dapol O Gauge Wagons

Discussion in 'Talk' started by WellThatDiddntGoToWell, 9 October 2012.

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  1. WellThatDiddntGoToWell

    WellThatDiddntGoToWell Active Member

    258637_502103539807399_464246633_o.jpg Not sure if this is the right place to put this! Dapol have just announced on their Facebook page along with the accompanying photo:
    "O Gauge Wagons on Release soon. We would love to quote for special commissions with runs as low as 25 units."

    An interesting number I think you will agree!
  2. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    It is good that limited runs of wagons could be produced and I hope that this will apply to future releases as well.

    I remain hopeful that Dapol will produce some wagon variants that we'd have seen in the 70's
  3. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    I managed to get my name down for one of the RMWeb limited edition wagons last year - it's not yet materialised so hopefully they might be released some time soon. I mentioned at time a 25 batch run is within the realms of a good sized club or wealthy individual.
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  4. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    Anyone else need Stevenson Clarke wagons...?

  5. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Southern Railway modellers.........
  6. WellThatDiddntGoToWell

    WellThatDiddntGoToWell Active Member

    Another little Facebook update from them today "Just a shot to show internal detail". On another note, they are quoting April/May for their 08.
    Regards Dean
    Ps, Dapol are allowing sharing on their FB page so copyright should not be an issue.
  7. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    The numbering looks a tad fat to me.
    I assume the special run is for lettering an existing moulding and not a special wagon?
  8. WellThatDiddntGoToWell

    WellThatDiddntGoToWell Active Member

    7mm is not in my realm so I'm only passing on what comes through to me for others to digest. Given the cost of a brand new tooling, I would say it's for their existing molds only. They dont state whether these are pre production photo's so I cant comment on the finished product or lettering.

    Dapol do pay attention to the reception and replies made on FB and given that they seem be seriously upping the ante in all scales, you never know what might be possible!
  9. 40126

    40126 Western Thunderer

    I'm looking forward to the Dapol 08, As ive ordered one :thumbs:

    Steve :cool:
  10. 40126

    40126 Western Thunderer

  11. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    So have I.... first time I've ever Pre-ordered a model sight-unseen!:confused: but at that price it would just be rude not to....
    I'm getting fairly close to having enough saved for a Heljan 31, but I can't help wondering if I shouldn't hang back for the 08 and some Heljan 'modern' wagons instead....:headbang: or just pay up and keep saving again!! :rolleyes:
  12. marsa69

    marsa69 Western Thunderer

    Keep saving :thumbs:
  13. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Very nice, but I don't think the bodyside planks bevelled at the corners and shouldn't there be a capping strip too?

    The whole finish is beautifully flat and neat - I prefer the old "3H look" myself and somehow I'm not visually "convinced" by the overall look and the detail work.

    I appreciate that it's going to be cheaper but I don't think it's in the same league of quality as the Lionheart wagons.

    Mind you, if they were to produce a 1/32 version....:))


    (In full rivet counting mode)
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  14. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    I agree, there is something but I cant put my finger on it. Everything is going to hinge on the 08 if its a good model then they are off and running in 7mm.
  15. Pennine MC

    Pennine MC Western Thunderer

    One of the strengths of this forum (driven, I imagine, by the notion that it is not RTR-dependent) is that criticism is accepted for what it is - a simple, factual and non-judgmental observation that something isn't strictly accurate. That strength is also one of the main things that keeps me here, having been driven away from another place by (amongst many other things) continued and unfettered intolerance of the merest negative observation.

    As for the old chestnut of 'we've never had it so good', that is certainly true, but it didn't stop one S Jones Esq having the odd observation on it.

    Whilst we're on the subject of criticism, shouldn't that corner plate actually be one, i.e. it should wrap around the corner and not be two separate mouldings with a visible gap?
  16. Wagonman

    Wagonman Western Thunderer

    If you want to nit-pick (I do, I do) as a model of GW 06515 it has many small inaccuracies, not least of which is that the model probably represents an RCH 1923 standard wagon rather than a 16' long 1907 type. The side knee washer strips should have hockey-stick ends to join up with the diagonal strapping, the end-door hinge bar should be inside the wagon, there appears to be no end-door knee iron, the axleboxes are RCH oil rather than Gloucester grease, not to mention the lack of capping strip... And so on. In short it is not a scale model of the prototype. No doubt there are many people for whom this will of no concern - it does at least have right number of planks - and that's fine but don't let's run off with the idea that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  17. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer


    Interesting. I'll need to continue my search for info on the Stephenson Clarke vehicles, but it sounds as though they may well suit. And while it may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, it might save some time and effort over the odd kit or three!

    And thanks Dave, yes Stephenson Clarke were the Southern Railway's coal factors, a duty which continued into BR(S) days. Were they not also a provider to the Admiralty?

    And, before I write to commission my run of SC wagons - how much are these opens expected to be?

  18. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    So apart from wheels in the corners, it's naff all like the wagon it's supposed to be!
  19. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    So who is going to be brave enough to ask "Dapol Dave" (over there) about the prototypical data upon which the model is based?
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  20. Wagonman

    Wagonman Western Thunderer

    What period of Stephenson Clarke wagons do you want? There was a time in the early C20 when SC wagons were a very distinctive design having two sets of diagonal strapping, the outside being as normal, the inside set running in the opposite direction making a cross. Later of course they adopted the 1923 RCH 'standard' design though even there there were differences between makers.

    If you're going for the later period then these wagons will probably be suitable - but adding the capping strip is a small step that will add a lot to the realism. Judging by your excellent scratch-built coaches you wouldn't want anything less :)

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