New Dapol O Gauge Wagons

Discussion in 'Talk' started by WellThatDiddntGoToWell, 9 October 2012.

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  1. SteveO

    SteveO Guest

    Adrian, I offer lessons at 1WKPH (that's wagon kits per hour). Let me know if you're interested!

    Of course, I'm kidding but there are plenty of people here to help. Make sure you've a selection of images (or just one!) in a place you can find on your computer, and that they are not too big - 1Mb each is fine. When composing a message you'll find 3 buttons underneath the box that you type in; 'Post Reply', 'Upload a File' and 'More Options'. Use the Upload button to locate the images you've got ready, select them one by one or all together and upload them.

    You can type inbetween them, like you are doing a step-by-step guide, or as one big gallery. I'm assuming you've got a PC so I can't offer screen guides but I'm sure somebody can. Actually, I'm pretty sure there's a guide somewhere here...

    Found it!

    I for one am looking forward to seeing something on the Swain Workbench, whether it's one of your kits or not.
  2. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    I think it's the ideal place - there are plenty of wagon-building threads on here... and what would be even better would be if you showed us which of your kits is a suitable alternative to the Dapol wagons - as in 5-plank, 7-plank etc.:thumbs:
  3. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

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  4. iploffy

    iploffy OC Blue Brigade

    It's a democratic society so long as you agree with he ones at the top and don't forget everyone's equal just some are more equal than others.:))
  5. Pennine MC

    Pennine MC Western Thunderer

    Not really solved Martin, and not really a mystery either to anyone who has the dubious advantage of knowing their way around Rmweb. Of course the mags have to be reasonably sensitive towards advertisers, that's fairly well understood - but you can find posts there in which other potential advertisers are shown little quarter (speaking of RTR, Hornby in particular were very much the whipping boys through most of last year). The simple truth IMHO is that Dapol are one of Rmweb's sacred cows. There are reasons for that (again IMHO) but they're probably not appropriate for this forum.
  6. Pennine MC

    Pennine MC Western Thunderer

    We - ellll, you mentioned it first:)
  7. iploffy

    iploffy OC Blue Brigade

  8. Pennine MC

    Pennine MC Western Thunderer

    Sorry Martin, this is getting tiresome now. You floated a theory about the removal of posts from Rmweb, I begged to differ from your interpretation, which I believe I'm allowed to do.

    I appreciate that some may not like the mention of Rmweb, but the very point of my post is that Dapol and Rmweb are to some degree inseparable. It influences all the factors that you yourself mention as regards the media.

    If a moderator wishes to post a ruling on who can mention Rmweb and who can't, then I shall duly take note; otherwise, it's my last word on that aspect.

    Indeed, please let's do that.

    Whilst laser scanning is increasingly being touted as a panacea, my understanding is that it's prohibitively expensive for most modelmaking applications - there are very few RTR models that have actually benefited from it. As for drawings, I'm pretty sure there are no works drawings that show corner plates in two separate pieces at a 90 deg angle, but just one look at a typical 3/4 view of a prototype would show them the reality. In fact they could have done worse than to spend eight quid or so on one of the excellent Bachman 4mm POs, and took their cues from that.

    I do agree that generally, they seem far too willing to fall into the modeller's trap of trusting drawings - a similar thing seems to be happening with the 4mm brake tender that Hornby Magazine have commissioned.
  9. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    If this is a reference to the corner post joints on the open wagons, I believe it has been established in previous posts that this is an inevitable result of moulding the body sides and ends in two pieces in order to get interior detil at reasonable cost - with a one piece body such detailing would entail prohibitively expensive tooling.

    Of course I may have got this completely wrong!

    What concerns me more is that a thread entitled ABS workbench should be all about white metal and not ABS plastic........
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  10. Pennine MC

    Pennine MC Western Thunderer

    Whether that's the case or not, I wouldnt know. But like any commercial decision, it has consequences - and IMHO, that consequence is that they look awful.
  11. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer

    Just to clarify the Question about RMWeb :)

    We have no problem with RMWeb being mentioned or links posted for that matter:), we would however have problems with RMWeb bashing, as that would be clearly against our rules Cynric always said 'play nicely' :thumbs:

    Cheers Phill :)
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  12. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    In my own opinion, it is now getting seriously past it's sell-by date, though....
    We established way back in the Thread; that these Dapol wagons are rather less than accurate, that there are alternatives available, and so forth...
    Dapol, like any other manufacturer, will stand or fall by their own manufacturing policies, whatever they are, and banging on about it on Forums like this won't change any of it.

    Indeed. I for one have had enough, now. Unless and until the rest of Admin say otherwise, Topic Locked.
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