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Discussion in 'New members' started by Bullhead, 7 February 2018.

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    Hello All, I have been “working” in EM gauge for many years. A complete newcomer to the world of social media, I have signed up on WT in order to share my experiences in building a first layout after far too many years of reading, thinking and planning. To add a bit of excitement and motivation, I went and entered the thing in the Cameo Competition! Hopefully, I’ll be posting some stuff on the relevant part of the forum very soon. Could I ask via this post that permission be given for me to post on the Cameo Competition Entries area, thanks.
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  2. adrian

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    Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy it and get involved, so looking forward to what you post.

    I've added you to the access group so you should be able to create a new thread in the Cameo Competition area. If there any problems then please let me know.

  3. AJC

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    Howdo, welcome. Good to see another EM modeller out there, I look forward to seeing pictures of your work.

    All best

  4. Bullhead

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    Thanks Adrian. I'd better get on with it then!
  5. Bullhead

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    Thanks Adam, I'll get something out there asap.
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