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Discussion in 'New members' started by dmudriver, 15 September 2018.

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    Good evening!! I had my registration approved a couple of days ago, so I thought I ought to introduce myself.

    My name is as above but my username will be explained shortly!! I model in O gauge, blue diesel late 1970s/early 80s. I've been building a layout based on an actual location since April 2012 (has it really been 6 years??!!) I'll start a thread in the layout Progress forum but, briefly, it's based on West Kirby on the Wirral - on the Merseyrail system. I've not laid a third rail so instead I'm using DMUs: I've added a DMU stabling point and, in addition. I operate some loco-hauled stock - all to add variety to what could otherwise be a pretty boring operation.

    Why DMUs - and the username? Well, I was a member of the DMU Group at the Llangollen Railway (now Llangollen Railcars Ltd) from about 1996 until I retired from driving in 2013 - having passed out as a driver in 2000. I also got very interested in signalling - not that I trained or operated as a signaller - and my layout reflects both of these interests.

    Here's 3 picture to give you a flavour of what the layout's like. It's finished operationally, but there's still a lot to do on the scenery side, although there has been some progress on that side since the pics were taken.

    P1050864 - Copy.JPG Pc1050895.JPG P1050886.JPG

    The layout is called, and the thread will be titled, West Kirby Town.

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    Hi Rod,

    nice to see you on here. Will you manage our next Open Day on 14th October? long time no see!


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    Hi Mike.

    Nice to hear from you. As you say, long time no see!!

    I can't make the next Open Day unfortunately, but I've pencilled December 16th in my diary**. I'm looking forward to seeing how far you've got with New Brighton (apart from having a long run on the main circuit). I've seen the pics on your website - are they very recent ones?


    ** Subject to any changes to Everton's home fixtures around that time!!!!
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    As a fellow ‘Grand Ol’ Teamer’ with an interest in Wirral railways, Rob, it’s a very warm welcome from me.

    Will follow with interest.

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  5. Cliff Williams

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    Lovely layout, I look forward to more updates.
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    Welcome - a nice selection of DMU's.

    Just looking for the mixed livery and carriage variant - if you built this no-one would believe it. One of my photos taken at Manchester Victoria circa 1982/3.

    Manchester Victoria 01.jpg
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  7. dmudriver

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    "if you built this no-one would believe it"

    Actually, Dave, I could recreate that unit - except my 108's got a headcode box.

    Once the layout's a bit straighter, I'll have a go. At the moment I'm doing some electrical work and fitting fence posts at the back of the station. Neither should take long.

    Watch this space!!