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    Rob, hi - Yes I have 4 Skytrex hoods...I realised this week that they shouldn't really have the hoods on for Wenfordbridge dries :confused: I will remove one and see how it looks...I believe I have seen somewhere that someone modified a Slaters 5 Plank to make a UCV and it looked cracking...:)

    Thanks Simon - That's the new plan...I can learn how to make 7mm track, get a few things running and have a go at building/butchering some rolling stock too...a model of 37175 in large logo blue after it was transferred down from Eastfield would be wonderful...even if too heavy for the branch...

    Hi Phill - Thanks for this - Yes I have seen that and indeed I have had a few conversations with Ross regarding Lima and Easybuild coaches and 26/27's...;)

    At the mo I will leave the Lima's as is, try and start the Easybuild but most importantly start the track building...after my next UK visit in August...:thumbs:
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    "I believe I have seen somewhere that someone modified a Slaters 5 Plank to make a UCV and it looked cracking...:)"

    That be me then:thumbs:
    UCV 1.jpg

    They are Slaters 7011 ( ex- Cooper craft 3011 ). The Cooper Craft were only £10 plus wheels but now Slaters have took them over they are selling them at £23 ish including wheels:confused::headbang:, still not too bad a price. Better than the Skytrex price:thumbs:.

    I look forward to your next up-date on this project Pete:thumbs:

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  3. BCN-Pete

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    Aha!...I should have done my homework before posting that!

    Indeed you have done a splendid job on it...and I agree the price is more attractive than Skytrex. Perhaps I will try in the future your method so be prepared for a load of questions! The colouring and weathering looks spot on too.

    Thanks for your interest in the project Rob
  4. Dog Star

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    With a delivery of China Clay packaged for Christmas?
  5. BCN-Pete

    BCN-Pete Western Thunderer

    Christmas might be pushing it...but I shall be certainly writing to santa and dropping hints...
  6. Phill Dyson

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    Just a thought & I know it doesn't fit in with Pete's minimum space ideas, but wouldn't Bodmin General Station further up the line make a great model in this sort of freight only era :cool::cool::cool::)
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    I concur Sir Dyson look at the pictures I posted some time ago nice and compact layout with 2 leads of of it plenty of shunting possibilities
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  8. BCN-Pete

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    I agree...whilst not for me, I have often looked at it as a layout idea..but usually in smaller scales. There was a nice 4mm model of it on the circuit a few years ago called 'Bodmin Generally' Now I am back on the case using two instead of one board I feel the layout is more managable rather than something that I have no room to ever set up and run...
  9. BCN-Pete

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    To be completely correct, I am actually modelling an extract of wenford dries...and not wenfordbridge...:eek:

    (I mentioned it once...but I think I got away with it ;))
  10. BCN-Pete

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    Good morning all,

    7 years after my last update on this and there has been sporadic progress :eek:

    Am just reminding myself how to upload images and I will do a quick recap on how I have got to here later today...here’s a teaser photo.

    More later...;)

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  11. BCN-Pete

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    Evening all,

    As promised earlier, here’s a bit of flesh on the bones...

    The track plan decided, it was time to build the turnouts using the excellent C+L ‘turnout in a bag’ kits. These were all constructed one at a time on a board using Deb’s 31.5mm track gauges. The plain track was then built in 60ft sections.

    The baseboards are my favourite Ikea Lack shelves (1100x260mm) and are then faced in 3mm ply which I draw in CAD and then use our studio laser cutter (every job has its own perks right?) These are then assembled with PVA to form a rigid structure with proscenium arch and concealed lighting (Screwfix LED strip lights)


    Here are the components laid out on the DRT during assembly...


    The short track is a program track hence the cut out and will be hidden by one of the dries buildings...


    The other end of the board...the track has just been sprayed...


    To increase length I am going to use the mirror trick...


    Which seems to work ok in tests!...


    Am using my Uhlenbrock Daisy but with a Digikeijs DR5000 secured to the rear...


    My first wagon kit in progress...a Slaters BR brake van...


    The dries buildings have been mocked up in foamboard...


    Most of the track is inset so I have undertaken some studies...


    The front road is ballasted so will have a degree of undergrowth modelled...


    For the concrete I will stop the infill just short so I can emulate the crud and weed growth...


    I am just starting to map out the openings in my dries mock up buildings...

    The layout is fully wired and tested and the next job is to inset the track and then ballast the front road. I think I might try and do this before I tackle the buildings.

    The layout has its first invite for Wycrail 2021 so I have just under two years to get it presentable :eek: Doable depending upon other distractions :D

    Any thing not covered in enough detail I will be happy to answer. Comments welcome

    Thanks for your patience on this one...:thumbs:

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  12. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Is the overall length of the layout 2.2m?
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  13. BCN-Pete

    BCN-Pete Western Thunderer

    Hi Dave - yep 2.2m x 260mm in width - overhangs our 2m DRT a tad!
  14. 76043

    76043 Western Thunderer

    I'd be interested to know more about the lighting, point control & wiring and how you get on with the Slaters brake van kit as I have one.
  15. Scale7JB

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    Thats lovely! Very nicely done..

  16. BCN-Pete

    BCN-Pete Western Thunderer

    Hi Tony - The lighting is Screwfix LED linear striplights and point control is my standard wire in tube to a DPDT slide switch. The Slaters BV kit was my first build and whilst enjoyable, I found the instructions challenging in places. I ended up looking at Paul B’s excellent wagon website for reference.

    Many thanks JB! :thumbs:
  17. 76043

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    Thank you, I had a look at the Screwfix website and they seem to do a variety of them, do they do different colour temperatures and do you mix them?

    Would be nice to see a shot of them mounted in the cabinet if you could oblige.

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  18. Bill Campbell

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    The LED strips available from Screwfix have a fairly low light output. This blog from Model Railroad Hobbyist gives some useful information on the light output from different types of LED:

    LED strip lighting "for the average Joe" | Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

    Have a look on Amazon's website for LED strips and take into account whether a mains adaptor is included and the type of LED in the strip.

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  19. 76043

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    Thank you Bill, I have used self adhesive LED strip on my layout to I think good effect, just interested to know what other options there are considering the Screwfix ones I saw have a form of diffusion on them.
  20. BCN-Pete

    BCN-Pete Western Thunderer

    Hi Tony,

    I use these which come in cool white and different lengths:

    LAP YKT5BF1-L55 T5 LED Linear Linkable Cabinet Striplight Cool White 9W 562mm

    I will try and see if I have a close up photo of the mounting of the lights...