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  1. Marc Dobson

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    I have very little knowledge of Gauge 1 so please excuse my ignorance, as I'm a 7mm modeller, but one of my customers has asked me I it was possible to manufacture my GER wagon range in Gauge 1.
    What sort of features would people be looking for in a G1 wagon kit? And dare I say it pay for a kit?
    The current 7mm range is:
    1. 10ton Box Van (builds vent and non vent versions)
    2. 10ton fitted vent van
    3. 8ton single bolster
    4. 3 plank fixed sides on a steel under frame
    5. 3 plank Drop side on a wooden under frame
    6. 5 plank on a steel under frame
    7. 5 plank on a wooden under frame
    8. 5 plank on a steel under frame
    9. plank on a steel under frame
    10. 10ton brake van (build 9ft or 10ft3 WB versions
    11. 7ton large cattle van
    12. 8ton single bolster.
  2. lankytank

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    First you have to navigate that stormy sea that is the different scales of G1 - you can chose from 10mm:1ft or 1:32....... And I don't give a :shit: what anybody else says, yes, you can tell the difference.:thumbs:

    Slaters started off with 10mm then quickly changed to 1:32 when they realised that the promised sales weren't there. Northern Fine Scale, after many years of producing 10mm models have recently switched to 1:32 (but I can't recall anything coming from them for a couple or three years??).

    Choice is yours but could reflect on number of sales if you get it right. Good luck.
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  3. Arty

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    Have a look at Trevors range at Mercian of both 10mm & 1/32, although most of them are now to order only - which may tell you something ?
    1/32 Rolling Stock Page 1
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  4. Jon Nazareth

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    Mercian have a good range especially with the early coaches. Too late to swap over from G3 now.

  5. Keith Phillips

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    Interesting. From a personal point of view, 1:32 scale is a must. A good level of attention to detail, balanced with the cost of the product. Fred Phipps wagons show what can be done and the price is fair, as are the 1:32 Slaters kits. A 1:32 Van from GWR, LNER, or LMS that saw good service in BR days would be great. Easy to build too as I don't have a huge amount of tools or experience (1/32 - Slaters Midland Railway 10T Van Build) . On a general level though, the G1 market seems to love the easy to assemble Northern Fine Scale and Accucraft Wagons (RTR). These are fine trundling along behind a loco but don't look too closely at the detail. Coming in at £70-90 they are very popular.

    Hope this helps and good luck with the project :thumbs:


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  6. geoff_nicholls

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    I model in G3, but did model 1/32 scale narrow many years. It's a very nice scale, you can walk into any Stationers and buy a cheap ruler maked in 1/32". If you have any 3D printed parts, resizing might be easier to 1/32 than 10mm. The track gauge for both is 45mm, accurate for the former undersize for the latter. I had 3D printed rolling stock upsized from 10mm to G3 and had problems with the distance between the W irons, and the brake blocks fouled the wheels.
  7. David Halfpenny

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    The Gauge One Model Railway Association has a "1:32 Finescale" special interest group, that I coordinate.

    I'd love to take this further with you, though I'm snowed-under with Covid-Crap at the moment.

    Here is a good place to do it in public, because more people can chip in, or by all means contact me at:

    David Halfpenny