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Discussion in 'New members' started by Brian T, 23 July 2018.

  1. Brian T

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    Grettings from Birmingham, West Mids.

    First off,thanks for the membership approval and hopefully it`s not too long before i post something of interest to the fourm!.

    I am by nature a British O gauge modeler and i also have dabblings in American proto 48 as well,though i do have a tendancey to flirt from one thing to another so i have`nt really get much done todate.But having said that i do think that i`ve settled on the Forest of Dean for my Britsh O inspiration,and have already started to build and collect rolling stock for a small freelanced layout based in the forest.

    I`ve also been (and still are) thining out my American O so i can concerntrate on building some modern day lease fleet switchers and rolling stock in proto 48 scale,but this is going to be a slow process as the British is the main aim at the moment.

    Anyhow i think that`s enough to bore people with for the time being,so....

    Oh yea,do i need to disclose i`m a RM web defector (Tove), well a partial one for now anyways...! ;)
  2. JasonD

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    Hi Brian
    Welcome, you'll find P48 alive and well here. And a bit of Ow5. Now, 'lease fleet switchers' can cover quite a few prototypes, got some favourites? I suppose Winchester in October's a bit far away? Anyway plenty of P48 rolling stock wheels to hand when you've got that first loco ready!
  3. victorianman

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    If you are interested in P48, I wonder whether you've considered Scaleseven for your British stuff, especially as you are Birmingham-based and therefore near to the S7 people and S7 layouts at the Warley club, so no problems finding somewhere to run your stuck.
    Just a thought,
    Best Wishes,
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  4. Dog Star

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    Forest of Dean? Interesting.

    Circa 1960s? Hmmm, panniers and 16T minerals.

    You are lucky, Ian Pope (@Ian Pope) is a member of WT and working on Speech Ho. Rd. in 7mm and same period.
  5. Ian G

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    welcome to the mad house

    Ian G
  6. Brian T

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    Thanks for the welcome guy`s,hopfully all the fine modeling on here will spur me on to get some done myself....


    The P48 content and ow5 US modeling in general has brought here,as there`s some really interesting stuff bening done.
    As for Winchester,i do plan on going down with Peter Bowen,and hopfully picking up a centerbeam kit or two off Mike Calvert,provided he still has some.
    Suppose i should really contact him first though!.
    I too have a nice stash of p48 wheel set`s for loco`s and stock,so i`m ok there thanks.


    I had looked at S7 for my British O,but as i run stuff on a friend`s layout and Warley is a bit of a jaunt from my side of Brum,it`s more logical to stay as is.
    But thanks for the suggestion.


    Indeed 16 tonners and Panniers,what could be nicer.....perhaps a D63xx on a short mixed to Coleford?.
    I had originally only intened to model the forest diesel`s, (already have an 08 to turn into D3991) but i`ve recently caved in and brought a sound equiped minerva 57xx to model as 8749,with perhaps another to follow (later version) to follow..!
    Unfortunately i don`t have the space to model a specific location in the forset,so mine will on be a freelanced shunty type layout,but i`ll keep my eye out for Mr Pope`s layout though.

    Ian G,

    'mad house'?
    that`s funny, i`ve only noticed sensible comment`s being posted on this ere forum.......:rolleyes:

    Thanks again guy`s,

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  7. Ressaldar

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    Hi Brian,

    welcome to WT, looking forward to seeing the Forest layout evolve - we like lots and lots of photos with our posts - seeing is believing:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:


  8. Brian T

    Brian T Member

    Hi Mike and thanks.

    I`m currently finishing up wiring track and the point motors to some Colbalt s levers,but hope to have it finished in the next week or two.
    So when that`s done,i`ll start a thread; with 'lots' of pictures.
  9. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    Welcome to WT Brian,:thumbs:
  10. ceejaydee

    ceejaydee Western Thunderer

    Welcome to WT Brian ;)
  11. Brian T

    Brian T Member

    Rob & Christopher D.

  12. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    Evening Brian.

    Are you one and the same who modified the frogs on O gauge PECO points ?

    Any info appreciated.

  13. Brian T

    Brian T Member

    Hi Rob,

    Wow was that long ago,i had to go back through the post`s on rm web!.
    Anyhow i think these are what you were after?,

    If i remember correctly i modified the 'Vee' and pushed it further into the frog to get rid of the wheel drop.
    It was a bit of 'heath robinson' conversion and not very prototypical/accurate,and the only reason it worked was because of the amount of play built into the point`s,that being because there 32mm gauge.
    I never did use them in anger,because i ended up building my track/pointwork to 31.5mm,and to be honest if i`d have brought them new at the time,then i probably would`nt have attempted it anyway,because of how much they cost!.

  14. simond

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    Hi Brian!

  15. Brian T

    Brian T Member

    Thanks Simon,