No.1 HERCULES update 3.

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    Today at Crymlyn A Shop the boyos have been giving some thought to applying a livery to the Peckett W4 class contract locomotive "HERCULES" as there is very little room between the boiler and the footplate in particular. Baldrick, the A Shop Gofor, suggested that perhaps his "cunning plan" for 1338 could again be utilised. This involved making the tank/boiler/smokebox assembly detachable from the cab/footplate assembly. The etched locating tabs are used to align the components and a couple of strategically placed 12BA nuts and bolts in the cab and underneath the smokebox hold it all together. The two pictures show the holes in the cab front with the outline of the tank in pencil and the small bracket inside the base of the smokebox with 2 retaining nuts in place. The video shows the relative ease of access to reassemble the motion on 1338. This would have been virtually impossible with the boiler/tank in place! We think the foreman is pleased as he has given Baldrick express permission to mop the mess room floor.

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