No. 1 HERCULES update 5.

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    There has been much activity here at Crymlyn A Shop over the last week.
    Parry the pipe has manufactured the injectors for Hercules, the Peckett W4 contract locomotive. He will add the overflow pipes after assembley of the locomotive.
    Percy Veerance, Rhys ap Rhys the solder, Owen the Spanners and all the other Boyos have been working really hard to complete the construction of the locomotive.
    Baldrick, the A Shop Gofor, has a cunning plan which can be seen here in the photograph.
    The boiler can be painted separately from the frames and then re assembled making access much more convenient.
    Dai the Paint, having already painted the frames, will be busy over the next few weeks.
    The Boyos were hopeful of a bonus until the foreman found out that his new chair had gone elsewhere.
    He is not happy!


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