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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by jhockuk, 24 December 2014.

  1. jhockuk

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    My interest in european railways has always been strong and I have always liked the more rural and less mainline types, some how I ended up being interested in German narrow gauge.

    I also have a very strong interest in industrial railways.

    So I am building a lot stock for a 7mm scale German Peat railway, running on 14mm track (which is close to the 600mm prototype).

    If any one is interested I am happy to post more, but I appreciate it is not on most people's radar!

    Here are some pictures:


  2. AJC

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    Well, I am for one - good quality narrow gauge modelling is less rare than it once was but is still relatively uncommon. I keep meaning to revive my interest and incorporate bits of a surface railway in my putative colliery scheme in 4mm in a way which isn't twee...

    This looks very good indeed - is that the KB scale Diema?

    Merry Christmas

  3. Len Cattley

    Len Cattley Western Thunderer

    Any models is good on here, your truck in the background looks good. :thumbs:

  4. jhockuk

    jhockuk Western Thunderer

    Hi Adam,

    It is a KB Scale Diema indeed, lovely little kit.

    I have KB Lister to build and Nigel Lawton Simplex under construction at present.
  5. jhockuk

    jhockuk Western Thunderer

    Thanks Len,

    The truck is going to be major part of the layout, I am going to try and have a working tippler and converyor belt so the truck gets loaded with peat, I post up some more pictures of it for you.
  6. jhockuk

    jhockuk Western Thunderer

    Is there a way to edit a thread title, I missed the n of then!
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    Done for you, but for reference, it's under thread tools at the top right of the top post
  8. jhockuk

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    Thanks, I was editing the thread which is why I could not find it.

    Here is a shot of 2 of the peat wagons.


    The one on the left is built from individual hard wood planks and uses KB scale axle boxes.

    Then I realised I needed a lot of them, so the one on the right is a laser cut body and 3D printed chassis, also with a extended wheel base to help stability, both work and have opening sides so they can be tipped.
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  9. ZiderHead

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    Yes please! :thumbs:
  10. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    ^^ What that man said!

    Any all modelling, of any size and scale, is very welcome.
  11. jhockuk

    jhockuk Western Thunderer

    Close up of one of the original 'handmade' peat wagons:

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  12. jhockuk

    jhockuk Western Thunderer

    The layout will feature a yard with a small train shed and general storage for the peat extraction operation. I wanted a container for the yard so bought a kit from GJH plant.


    I wanted a more detail on the doors so I spent a couple of hours on it and came up with this:


    I think GJH do a better kit but they are revamping it at the moment, so this will do for me.
  13. jhockuk

    jhockuk Western Thunderer

    This should give an idea of what I am looking to achive with the layout.


    Close up of one of the works trains wagons.


    The real thing that I based my peat wagons on.

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