Old Parrock

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    Everyday I get nearer to finishing, but I never quite get there. I feel that I entered the Cameo competition as a hare but finished as a tortoise. This layout has taken 18 months longer than anticipated. However, railway modelling is about satisfaction not speed and I do feel a great sense of satisfaction with Old Parrock. Yes, there are things I would do differently, but that's for the next project.


    The station and covered lever frame are now complete.

    Photo 95.jpg

    The porter dozes in the afternoon sun, but no-one will worry about that...

    Photo 99.jpg

    ...because everything is a bit sleepy.

    Photo 96.jpg

    The coalman's cart needs weathering, there are passengers to paint for the carriage and I need to finish the fiddle yard. Three locos need crews and one needs couplings.

    Photo 97.jpg
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    That's glorious, Paul! The right side of chocolate box.

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    Stunning! Simply stunning! Such a convincing, verdant landscape. I first 'discovered' Sussex at the end of the 1960s and I was left with a lasting impression of a fertile landscape and a cultural continuity with ancient roots, and a visit last year confirmed that impression yet again. Since the 60s I've enjoyed Sussex-related things such as Kipling's evocations of the landscape and history of Sussex ... and now you've created something that has a similar effect. Congratulations!
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    Thanks Adam. There is the worry in the back of my mind that it's just jigsaw fodder!
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    Just keep the diecast bus in its box and you might just get away with it. ;)

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    Very atmospheric - lovely.

    Mick S
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  7. PaulR

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    I've been making wagon loads.


    I've also made a set of scales and weights for the coalyard out of Plasticard.

    Little details like these are great fun to work on.
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    Paul this scene is quite frankly delightful
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