On Sandy's Workbench-NER Engineers Petrol Inspection Saloon

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  1. If there are any other angles on this class, let me know I have a erm, small collection of Stanier tank negs
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  2. Sandy Harper

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    Hi Duncan, Your photographs were invaluable and I have now made a couple of injectors from them. Or at least my interpretation of what I think they look like! These will now be sent to the caster for inclusion in the forthcoming kit.
    Many thanks for your kind help.
    Sandy DSCN3938.JPG
  3. Your welcome, glad to be able to help
  4. Sandy Harper

    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    'Twee' is the word you're looking for!

    New kit from Walsworth Models.

    Still awaiting the castings for the interior arm chairs and couch. Very plush.

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  5. Barnaby

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    Hello Sandy taking you back to post #11 the near side trailing wheel looks as if it is before the buffer beam or is it just optics gone wonky?
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    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    ????? You have got me confused there. There is no photo in post #11! Post #12 is a photo of an actual loco and not a model. Is that the one you are referring to?

  7. Genghis

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    Hmm......the numbering of post 11 looks like it refers to the picture of the real tank in post 12 and there does seem to be an optical illusion that the trailing pony wheel could be nearer the camera than the buffer beam. As it's the real thing it clearly is an illusion.
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  8. Barnaby

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    Yes on my pc that photo is at 11 too. Does look odd though