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  1. If there are any other angles on this class, let me know I have a erm, small collection of Stanier tank negs
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  2. Sandy Harper

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    Hi Duncan, Your photographs were invaluable and I have now made a couple of injectors from them. Or at least my interpretation of what I think they look like! These will now be sent to the caster for inclusion in the forthcoming kit.
    Many thanks for your kind help.
    Sandy DSCN3938.JPG
  3. Your welcome, glad to be able to help
  4. Sandy Harper

    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    'Twee' is the word you're looking for!

    New kit from Walsworth Models.

    Still awaiting the castings for the interior arm chairs and couch. Very plush.

  5. Barnaby

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    Hello Sandy taking you back to post #11 the near side trailing wheel looks as if it is before the buffer beam or is it just optics gone wonky?
  6. Sandy Harper

    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    ????? You have got me confused there. There is no photo in post #11! Post #12 is a photo of an actual loco and not a model. Is that the one you are referring to?

  7. Genghis

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    Hmm......the numbering of post 11 looks like it refers to the picture of the real tank in post 12 and there does seem to be an optical illusion that the trailing pony wheel could be nearer the camera than the buffer beam. As it's the real thing it clearly is an illusion.
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  8. Barnaby

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    Yes on my pc that photo is at 11 too. Does look odd though
  9. Sandy Harper

    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    I have been very remiss and not kept this thread up to date. Other things got in the way. My apologies.
    Below is the rather complicated Petrol Inspection Saloon underframe under construction.
    The simulated motor block will house a small Mashima type can motor motor with a horizontal splined gear on the motor drive shaft which then transfers the motion to a brass gear wheel attached to a layshaft situated below it in a pair of brass bearings. This in turn has a bevelled gear wheel on the front of it it which extends to drive a second bevelled gear fitted on the axle. These gears are made of a similar material to Delrin gears.
    The other axle is compensated with pickups on all wheels
    A 'not very good photo' of a completed saloon. Driver, controls and internal seating are all included


    I have also been messing about with a Neilson box tank. A lot of scratch building with the assistance of some photo - etches. Still a work in progress.


    This is a new kit for a Highland Railway Dia 25 Jones 6 wheel brake van.


    It does what it says on the box.


    Just started is a kit for a Fowler 2-6-2T. No instructions and some bits missing that need scratchbuilding.

    Right, that brings me up to date. Next one 2019!!

    Compliments of the season to all.

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  10. spikey faz

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    The Neilson box tank looks great!

  11. Sandy Harper

    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    A quick update on the Fowler 2-6-2T:

    Work on the cassis has stalled as I need to scratch build the Motion bracket and I am awaiting a couple of small castings. So I have started on the upper works.

    As this kit originally came from the same stable as the Stanier, I have come across the same issue in respect of the cab floor. The designer has not allowed for the wheels to protrude into the cab so I had to cut away most of the floor to give the wheels clearance and I will need to cover the resultant 'holes' with some form of wheel splasher.

    I have also noted, since taking the photographs, that the platform at the rear of the bunker seems overly long to me. I need to check that out.



    PS Sorry about the double posted photos. Now removed.

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  12. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    I agree

  13. Sandy Harper

    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    Thank you gents. Next job is to fit a motor and gearbox, if I can find something suitable?
    Best wishes
  14. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Plenty of room - these might be worth a try. http://finney7.co.uk/SDMP.htm

    OK full disclosure : I know they are regular posters on this forum so I accept that it might be seen as a bias but I can assure you I've no commercial affiliation at all. Over my years of 7mm modelling I've seen a fair number of motor and gearbox designs. Yes there are some Rolls Royce designs out there but in terms of value for money these seem to be the best on the market. I fitted one to my 3F and will be using them again.
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  15. Sandy Harper

    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    Thanks for the download link Adrian. Could prove useful.
    Kind regards
  16. mickoo

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    Not only is the footplate overly long the bunker is too.

    40049_Willesden Mar 61.jpg

    40053  Chester.jpg

    40010_Willesden 61.jpg
  17. Sandy Harper

    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    Just checked with the drawing and you are right. It is about 1.5mm too long on the model. Ah well, I'm not going to do anything about it now as I have just applied the beading around the bunker top!!!

    Many thanks for the pictures they will be very useful especially 40049 with the sun quite low highlighting some of the underneath and the rear of the bunker which is quite rare.

    Merry Christmas
  18. Sandy Harper

    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    Oh dear! My last post on here was December the 18th 2018! My excuse is that too many distractions have got in the way, but one in particular was quite pleasant. Not sure quite how it happened but I became involved with John Percival, Walsworth Models, who is a near neighbour, in designing and producing a 7mm kit for a Highland Railway Dia. 25 Brake van. He was asked by a customer to produce it and I got roped in, as the only HR modeller in the local area, to assist with the detail drawing.
    It was a novel experience for me as I have not been involved in this part of the hobby before and seeing CAD actually being created was fascinating.
    Eventually the etches arrived back from the etcher and I volunteered to build the 'test etch'.
    Yipee! it went together as planed. When this photo was taken the castings had not yet arrived.

    The fully finished article complete with castings and transfers from the Highland Railway Society Stores

  19. LarryG

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    Looking forward to more updates on the Fowler 'Breadvan'. I noticed that 40053 has replacement bevel-rim wheels on its trailing truck while 40010 has them on the front truck. Gist for the mill. I rode behind these locos quite a lot up until 1955, but by the time I clambered all over their well-rusty cabs in 1960, they had been in storage at Bolton for some time.