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  1. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Some finished articles!!! :eek:
    After so much time wasted with darkness, illness and general malaise, getting these in service this last weekend was a joy.





    Some close ups...


    I am pleased with effect and finish here.
    Crud and muck lodged in places and the rusty end plate I think works?


    This, I hope, captures a typical engineering stock lash job with regards to identification.


    The venerable end of and auld, unfitted LMS medfit. Skanky and cruddy with some last vestiges of use.
    The Electrification Warning notice decal has been mounted, as an experiment, on some plasticard to attempt to give some relief.
    Pedantic? Wibble!!!
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  2. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    And so it came to pass that the "Works" did stir once more...




    Ambis etch silliness in action on more 12t standard BR vans, diagram 1/224 in this case. :eek:
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  3. flexible_coupling

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    Which make of van body is that? The tooling marks on the door are unsightly... I hope that levels out for you after priming!
  4. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Its a 4mm Parkside Dundas BR Diag. 1/213 under a very unforgiving macro lens.
    It all calms down once primed and painted... ;)
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  5. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    I had much the same thought.

    Good to see you back at the bench Iain:thumbs:
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  6. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Very nice Ian. I didn't know that Ambis made those particular brake levers and vees. Is the lever guide theirs as well?Having built one of these a few years back I can vouch for the fact that the tooling marks aren't noticeable under paint, but the ejector pin mark on the door needs to go... I must get around to taking some pictures of my plywood shock van with the Rumney Models rendition of this brake gear for comparison. Or at least, as soon as I have actually added the levers!

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  7. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Thanks Adam
    The lever guides are from the Craig Welsh brake lever etches. I make up a batch and use them with either.
    Ambis lever guides are a lot better than they used to be but still very fiddly, I find the Welch ones less aggrivating :))
  8. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Finally, after much struggle with severe ill-health:




    A couple of images showing some vans primed and ready for the paintshop.
    Which leads us to:



    These two vans have their bodies painted in Lifecolour BR Brown, the underframes are a mish mash of blacks and dark browns.



    Railtec decals are a revelation to use and look great as I trust these two above images show.
    To the weathering!





    Little is more with these two.
    The rest of the build will follow; mind, using the Red Panda underframes has been superceded by Justin Newitts wonderful etched brass creations. These beasties are for use on The Beast, Justins goodies are for my own pleasure initially.

    Back soon fellow wagon addicts :D
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  9. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Fish Vans died out finally in mainline use on BR during the late 1960's/ear;y 1970's. Some of the Dia 800/801 BR built ones ended up in parcels service and below is the denouement of my attempt at a Dia 800, using the very decent Parkside Dundas Kit.
    I think my work in progress thread shows some previous images of this rather protracted build.



    Primed and ready...
    At least this kept the Archer bits in place...




    Lettering by Modelmaster and Fox Transfers.
    Lifecolour Rail Blue has been used to get that battered banger blue finish... :?
    To the weathering


    These Dia 800 beasties were on the way out of use come 1977, hence the skankie, tatty finish.
    Next, some Dia 801's when some bloke in Bristol releases them... :D
  10. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    And to finish for this evening...

    The few meat vans BR built ended up in normal use and then some found their way into engineers usage.
    The Dia 1/251 insulated variant, as available from Parkside Dundas, is a nice kit. Time for the action :cool:


    Primed and ready for the paintshop
    By the way, the buffers are from the LMS range, the brake shoes from ABS and the brake lever bits are the craig Welsh etches. The couplings are usual concoction.



    The paint comes from the Lifecolour range.
    The decals are a mixture of homebrew, Modelmaster and Railtec.
    Now the weathering... :devil:



    Its nice to get stock finished after all the crap I have been through.
    Onwards and upwards. :))
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  11. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Ok then, finally... :eek:





    Van action with Dia. 1/208, 1/213 and 1/224 being on parade. These beasties are now in the paint shop. The primer is on so next, its lots of mucking about with brown and bauxite and... :D






    The above menagerie is set form a rake loaded with spoil frae engineers activities. This will be a veritable scuzz fest, a skanky set of rusty, battered decrepitude. :confused:

    More soon as the wee buggers get finished...

    Sláinte :drool:
  12. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Primed and pre shaded vanage.... :)





    The next step will be some serious underframe painting and then some bodywork, much fun in sunny Padgate? Well, I have all the lettering and weathering after that :))

  13. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Vannage June 2016.jpg
    So finally, more BR 12T vans finished and ready for Mostyns visit to the upcoming Chatham show.
    Its been murder working on them feeling so rough, however, such is the life of a beeper...
    More images soon. :drool:

  14. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Some individual images as promised...







    The usual treatment for all.
    Decals frae CCT, Fox, Modelmaster and Railtec.
    The production line nears the end, much to the joy of my dear missus. She is getting fed up with these "bloody vans" and is glad to see that this project is nearly done,,, :D

  15. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    To the kind soul who moved "The Works" to this new part of the forum, many thanks.
    Now to get some new stuff done/finished /started etc...
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  16. 40126

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    Hi Ian

    I've just asked to join your FB page

    Steve :cool:
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  17. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Nae bother Steve.
    If you want more of my dribbling and wibbling, one is now in - so to speak.
  18. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer


    Padgate Works finally has its new home up and running. The long process has been held up by my on going poor health but now, the soldering iron is getting warmed up, the files are out and the plastic glue is gluing.
    Modelling, good tunes and some kind of peace in my head - progress beckons...
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  19. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    Wow, I wish mine looked that organised. :thumbs:
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  20. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    Auld lab technicians never lose the lessons of their training.
    I just wish my head could be this organised all of the time... :confused:
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