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    Finally finished some items of stock.
    Frustration is a devilish thing to deal with - thanks DWP!

    2019-07-31-16-07-52.jpg 2019-07-31-16-11-51.jpg 2019-07-31-16-19-55.jpg 2019-07-31-16-15-12.jpg
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    70846884_10219343400551691_7263512815409823744_o.jpg 71273715_10219343402391737_7647106527983042560_o.jpg

    The fitted Grampus project continues to shape.
    All sorts of refinements and adjustments, fully sprung running gear and such forth.
    Mostyn is out and about soon and the fully finished and functioning "spoil rake" will be present.
    Details soon.

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