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    Finally finished some items of stock.
    Frustration is a devilish thing to deal with - thanks DWP!

    2019-07-31-16-07-52.jpg 2019-07-31-16-11-51.jpg 2019-07-31-16-19-55.jpg 2019-07-31-16-15-12.jpg
  2. iak63

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    70846884_10219343400551691_7263512815409823744_o.jpg 71273715_10219343402391737_7647106527983042560_o.jpg

    The fitted Grampus project continues to shape.
    All sorts of refinements and adjustments, fully sprung running gear and such forth.
    Mostyn is out and about soon and the fully finished and functioning "spoil rake" will be present.
    Details soon.

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  3. iak63

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    I have been missing far too long frae this esteemed forum.
    Here are some new examples of what is in "The Works" at present.

    2020-04-29-16-31-35.jpg 2020-04-29-16-28-29.jpg 2020-04-29-16-29-15.jpg

    The Roger Chivers Dia.1/119*1/120 21T mineral wagon is a wonderful and much missed kit. This beastie has had Bill Bedford suspension fitted. The brake cylinders are mounted on the Ambis etch suitable for for these wagons.

    2020-04-29-16-33-15.jpg 2020-04-19-18-20-17.jpg

    These next two images show another Roger Chivers kit, his Dia.1/1570 Lamprey ballast wagon. Again, Bill Bedford suspension and Ambis brake gubbins are used. The second image shows modifications in progress - silly but I think they will be worth it.

    2020-05-19-11-29-30.jpg 2020-05-19-11-24-31.jpg 2020-05-19-11-26-55.jpg

    BR fruit vans are an interesting area, strange variations lurk for the unwary. How about an LMS style chassis and springing with LNER style brakes. Add to that the van end variations... Stay tuned.


    Finally for this post, a BR Medfit with Bedford suspension, Rumney Models springs/axleboxes and Craig Welsh brake vees.
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    Fair play Iain, top modeling.
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    Some more new images from the Works:

    Another fruit van; this one having had a new solebar made frae Evergreen channel and spare Rumney overlays. The w-irons are Scalefour Society ones of a certain vintage...
    Frankenstein lives! Solebar renewed, Evergreen channel again but with a Bradwell solebar insert. Yes, LMS style suspension with LNER style brakes - BR at its confused best. The springs/axle box castings are from Justin Newitts wonderful Rumney Models range whilst the brake vees are from an auld Mainly Trains etch...
    The Lamprey has acquired some brake gear and brake shoe assemblies. Ambis brake vees and 3D printed brakes from Guy Rixons Shapeways store. I tend towards these for all my stock now...

    More soon, once I can plan what is next... :drool: