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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Neil, 7 October 2017.

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    Le point du quadrant est magnifique!

    What a shame there is so little (if any?) precedent for such a space saver in the UK.
    Hoping a few examples will come to light now....

    An example of one in a French narrow gauge setting can be found within WT - here:
    1/32 - French Micro Layout.........un-named As Yet.....
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  4. Neil

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    Bercy is one theme that my mind keeps wandering back to. Of late it's been prompted by the release of this gorgeous little thing and though I've resisted it set me off googling again to see what else I could turn up. Here's a blog full of then and now photos and while I find the 'now' not hugely inspiring it's a different matter for the 'then'. Enjoy.
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    Very tempting at less than 30 quid.:eek:

    Best not, far too many shelf queens..
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    A slightly ill-timed composition of dog and barrels, just above the Poclain portraits :oops:

    Ok, ok, but it shows I followed up the link!
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  7. Neil

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    Well done, did you also spot the sign writing for 'corrective massage' then ?
  8. Osgood

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    Yes - but only on the second trawl through when I was specifically looking for it!
    I love the dramatic spin that Google Translate manages to put on the French text.
    Interesting to think that this urban redevelopment was taking place only shortly before developers started on our own London Docklands area.

    In the late '90s I went to collect a little USAAF WW2 bomb trolley from the Paris headquarters of the French Military Vehicle Preservation Group - essentially a huge 'garage' for preserved (and awaiting preservation) WW2 vehicles housed in a simply massive almost-derelict multi-level Victorian engineering works complex on the bank of the Seine right in the centre of the city, with a very similar atmosphere to old Bercy.
    Such atmosphere, and I never thought to take a single photo. I wonder if it is still standing?
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  9. oldravendale

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    Interesting comments, Tony - well, interesting for me! One of my earliest working trips to Paris was in the mid 1970s and I'll never forget being taken to a restaurant called Le Petit Cochon alongside the enormous hole in the ground which used to be "Les Halles", the wholesale food market. At the time a huge amount of Paris was, let's say "characterful". Most swept away, now.

    I remember coming back with a model of a rallying Citroen 2CV for Steph and a doll for our daughter. Very memorable for me as it was one of my earliest working trips abroad and so exciting. In later years I'd do all I could to stay in the UK and not spend hours and bloody hours in an airport......

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    I loved my itinerant business lifestyle, I just hated bloody airports!

    my commute nowadays is about 4 minutes :)
  11. Osgood

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    If you fancy something a little more Jules Verne-esque than the Berliet for Bercy, why not consider something from the Paris based company of Gaston Moyse?
    Great bit of iron casting!!

    Le Gaston Moyse.jpg
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  12. Peter

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    Thanks Neil,

    Reminds me of the work of Emmanuel Nouaillier: ATMOSPHERES par EMMANUEL NOUAILLIER


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  13. Overseer

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    Called Bête a cornes = bulls horns. There is a kit available in HO, not sure about 7mm. There is a later Moyse locotracteur available rtr in HO from Ree Modeles, but without a cast iron frame unfortunately.
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  14. AJC

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    So there is - tiny!

    K019 Locotracteur Bête à Cornes Moyse 5Ta - AMF87

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  15. simond

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    I recall first seeing the “horned beast” in the Cercle de Zero online magazine, “Entrevoie”, but I can’t find the issue, so don’t know if it was a a kit or a scratchbuild.

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  16. Focalplane

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    What a good idea! We discovered modern Bercy a few years ago when exploring the bank of La Seine upstream from Gare de Lyon. I was also intent on finding the model railway shop named after the famous Train Bleu. Sadly the shop only stocks HO so I only came away with some scenic material. They don’t even sell railway paints!

    There are lots of old siding rails left in the park, the only hint of its previous use. They are mostly perpendicular to the river bank.

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  17. Neil

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    A little constructive googling has turned up some splendid aerial photos of Paris. My interest is still focussed on the wine warehouses of Bercy but there seems to be a wide coverage of the city. While the initial image seems small and a bit disappointing clicking first on 'zoom' then on 'full screen' (the box with arrows to the corners under the zoomed image) brings up a big image which if you 'print screen' and drop into the image editing software of choice will stand even further magnification.
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