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  1. parky

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    As promised a workbench thread to chart the kits I am working on since skipping a gauge and going to 0 Gauge

    Excuse the state of the work area, I do know which kit each part belongs to. So we have three kits here. I will cover each in turn


    M&M Lowmac

    My initial purchase to get to feel the O gauge product and my like of the building process. Only got as far as getting the deck on so far, but learning all the time with my new 40W soldering iron. There were a few cast pieces missing, but a quick email to Bournemouth and they were in the post in a couple of days. Top marks to the company for sorting the missing components

    So all parts now cut, filed and bent ready for assembly. Just need everything soldered up now as I got the wheels at the same time

    2 x Warren Shephard Summers Hoppers

    We have been away in a nice remote Northumberland cottage for most of the week so had time to relax and fettle all the components for both wagons. When I found these it was a must have as this is my introduction to railways when we lived in Bidston on The Wirral. What better a way for a child to learn to count than counting wagons behind a frightening and noisy steam engine

    Wheels are still to be purchased as Warren did not have any in stock, but the rest of the wagons can be assembled in the meantime. I already have a rake and a bit of these hoppers in N gauge which I bought off Ian Stoate while he was still trading. I see there is a RTR version of the hoppers to be produced soon, am sure my cousin on The Wirral will be having a rake of them

    Nice kits which are folding up well. We will have to see when we get onto the soldering stakes. I am thinking once the main ribs are fitted on the hopper then the rivet overlays might be getting applied with a good adhesive

    Class 37/0

    Having always admire the Class 37 , I had to have a go at building one of them. Back in the days when I used to drive a lorry all over the South West one spot for the 37’s was in Ebbw Vale. A double headed train on its way up to the steel works was a joy to hear echoing around the valley

    I didn’t want a non-metallic shell so that and the price put me off one brand. I was tempted with a DJH kit, but including running gear it was more than I wanted to pay. So I went for the cheaper option with a full brass shell. Having not got up to speed with the history of all these kits I was surprised to see the etches had a DJP name on and a date of 1986

    I seem to have spent as much time searching for detail on these kits as actually building it. I finally found one post that David Parkin suggests that the roof is not fully formed and needs doing to allow the build to complete successfully. I was searching online to see if there was a build thread mainly around the body stiffener, but looks like mine will be the one. I am quite used to having to work on IT systems at work with little documentation, but after 30 years I thought these kits would have more than a few random sketches. Personally if I was selling these kits I would have spent a few hours documenting the salient points in the build. Also now as I will be doing a phone with a camera could record a lot of the detail required

    I read someone’s view that if I can do a good job of this one then I can sell it for the cost of a more upmarket kit. We will see

    Other things

    As can be seen I have put together a useful set of aluminium bending bars. My previous employment included racking servers and the unused blanking plates as performing a fabulous new function

    Yes I know it’s all over the place with multiple kits in the build stage, but nothing unusual from other posts I have read. With any luck they will all come together for when the time comes to get the etch primer out

    As mentioned in my new member intro, I am also thinking that the Summers hoppers need a grimy 9f in front of them. Maybe if I can sell the 37, then that will fund the other nine hoppers to make the typical load on the Summers job. At over ten foot I will have to find quite a large layout to run it on

    I spoke to Dave at MOK last week and might push the boat out next year for one of his new 9f kits
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  2. parky

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    Well that was a learning curve, but that was what the Lowmac was all about. Schoolboy error and folded the solebars the wrong way, but sorted now. De-soldering the solebars did highlight another thing though. The Folly of a cheap soldering iron, this one has an expired thermostat already. So back to the shop and get a 50W Antex one to match the 25W version I have had for 30 years

    Overall I think I have cleaned and folded all the pieces that I can, just the major soldering assembly now


    The two motors have been fitted since then with the gears and powered up. I think I will follow someone's suggestion that I read about building a Styrene sheet chassis so that I have the option to have a demountable bodyshell

    I have enjoyed the build so far, though I think the tough bit starts once the new iron arrives. The many of you that turn these kits out daily have my admiration for your persistence and consistent quality. Better go and earn my crust to pay for all this
  3. Ian G

    Ian G Western Thunderer

    I will be enjoying your 37 build as I have one to build.

    Ian G
  4. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    Good to hear we are treading the same path Ian
  5. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    Well after learning an early lesson, which is what the Lowmac was all about we are back in front. Thankfully all the folds went the other way without snapping off. I also visited the Wakefield show on Saturday and got some decent solder and flux rather than the electrical solder I had been using. Such a difference with the right gear

    Wakefield also yielded the wheelsets for the Summers hoppers. One is undrilled as they didn't have enough of the drilled, but I remember them passing by with both styles fitted once they had been to the works. Once I have got my eye in with the soldering iron on the Lowmac then the chassis of the hoppers will be getting done and the hoppers joined at least. Got a visit to my cousin next weekend when we can reminisce of times gone by
    The motors are fitted onto the Class 37 bogies and run up. Bit tight somewhere but will look at that once other things are done. I also got a cheap rolling road to allow me to run it and check as I solder it up

    I must get the camera out instead of using my phone. The pictures are not helped by the gloom while I re-decorate, what will be the railway room

    Still ruminating over getting a 9f to go with the hoppers, to be started once the 37 is finished. I have a cheque written to send off for a Scorpio/Seven 9f, but had second thoughts. Having spent quite a bit of time searching I can't find many builds of Seven kits and when I do they seem to have some shall we say challenges. What I do find is the 'can't wait for the MOK 9f'. At twice the price it's got the Piscean fish in turmoil. I can get two Seven kits for the price of a MOK, but the MOK has such a reputation for being quality and easier to build. The MOK won't be out till next year if I can get one so I have a bit more time to save the dosh
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  6. Ian G

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    I put rocking susspention im my Lowmac, using some etchings from Roxey Mouldings.

    Ian G
  7. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    There's fancy a Rolls Royce Lowmac, only kidding :)

    Got an email back form Dave @ MOK last night to say I am on the list for the 9f when it's ready. No rush really as I have a few things to finish and hopefully by then my skills might match the quality of the kit
  8. SteadyRed

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    Wonder who will be the first to build an MOK 9f on here, seems a few people are awaiting the its.

    Parky which tender did you order for your 9F, BR1G tender by any chance?

  9. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    1C for me Dave as it needs to be 92045, 6 or 7. All were on shed at Bidston until moving to Mollingotn Street, where I lived when steam was ending

    My real steam was watching the Summer's 9f's drag though Bidston station. Grand way to learn to count as a kid, count hopper wagons :D
  10. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Western Thunderer

    Mine will be a double chimney Swindon machine with BR1G tender.
    I may wait to see if any of you guys tease any teething problems out before I commence !!
    I don't know if my building skills are honed enough to show the build of something quite so exquisite on here yet!!
  11. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    Those BR1G tenders look the best, angular to go with the brute of the loco. Double chimney also gives them extra presence. My choice of BR1C and single chimney is ordained by history, but still an impressive sight

    I must resist the urge to start building my 9f when it arrives and finish the other kits that I have. Agree the ultimate powerhouse designed by a premier kit company will be a tall order

    Been looking at the post of the MMP BG and that scares me even more, but must give it a go if I am still waiting for the 9f. Those BR1 bogies are awesome with so many detail parts
  12. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Western Thunderer

    I haven't been building kits very long (a couple of years)
    I was determined to build the MMP 08,
    but just missed the boat :(
    My 3rd kit was MMP riveted 16t wagon to sort of practice on. It was lovely to build, although through inexperience I cocked up the end door.
    Then I built two B tanks and the quality of the etched and castings just oozes out!! (87 hours to build each one though!!)
    I have begged Dave to bring out the 33/1 and will continue until I have one!
    I think the JLTRT one looks spot on too and will definatley get one at some stage. But there is something so satisfying to soldering.... Also, I have two left thumbs so if I made a mistake glueing, is there a way back??

    If I needed one, I would go for the MMP BG !! David is so helpful if you hit a snag. If you take your time you won't go wrong! :thumbs:
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  13. parky

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    As is the want, some pictorial progress updates :)
    It seems to be a common photo scene the kitchen worktop under the spot lights, well here is my contribution
    The bogie sides are just applied to get a feel of things, but one chassis is underway and the rib on the hoppers too
    Both hoppers have all their side ribs attached now. I was looking at a photo of a newly shopped one and the rivet detail does not match with the kit instructions. The detail is supposed to be on the outboard end from either end. What I have found is that the second rib in has the rivet detail on the other side, so creating a bay. Never though I would get to be rivet expert :bowdown:
    And to get an idea of what it's all about the pieces all stacked together. There are still dozens of pieces to add between the two kits but going well so far. I seem to have got the hang of this reverse soldering technique, now I have the right materials. The flash of solder into the joint when the temperature get up still impresses me, sad I know :rolleyes:
    I need to get some low melt solder and then I can get on with the Lowmac as it's time to fix the white metal axleboxes
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  14. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    Just to add to this quick fire conversion from N gauge, Santa has a BR Brake van from Jim in his lockup. Well something has to keep the hoppers in check until the motive power gets finished

    I might get down to the Bristol show in January as we have family down the road. I assume that it is wall to wall with ideas and traders ?
    Didn't I read somewhere that it's also got space to 'run wot you brung'
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  15. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    Well a bit further on with the hoppers, got the chassis almost done on both. Can't find any pictures of progress at present though. Onto the Brake van that arrived Christmas morning, carefully wrapped with no bends

    Got a new toy as well, a small gas torch. I picked it up whilst collecting rain water gutter brackets to replace the ones that blew across the roof at midnight the other night. . The torch does make laminating pieces far easier with just a waft of the flame and they are bubbling solder. Ah that's another thing, I am trying to subscribe to the less is more theory (less solder means more time to build and not cleanup)

    The basic shell takes shape and nice and square
    Veranda floors in place
    Veranda ends complete and fitted
    And for indulgence a view of things stacked together to get the effect. Most of the footboards are complete, just the top step to add. The bearings and wheels are just in place for when I either get some low melt or glue them in. I see what the deal is with Jim's kits, nice fit and good instructions. I have to admit I did go off the plot and built the footboards as a complete assembly as it was easier with all the fine pieces to add

    All the brake blocks are now laminated and the buffer shanks drilled, so on the home run now. Jim does suggest it will fill a weekend and that is about right when I am finished

    Back then, to get the hoppers a bit further on and finish the Lowmac. One day I do want to get one of DJP's Brake Gangwayed MK1's, but it sounds like the MOK 9f will take the funds to some months to come. Never mind, I think I will have enough to do with the Class 37 and it's idiosyncrasies to keep me occupied

    I see you have already got the wheelsets for your 9f, Mr Grumpy. I think I will let the coffers refill before joining you on that one. There is a 9f coming to the local club in Hudds so I heard the other week. So who is going to lead the way and show us all how to build them

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  16. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Western Thunderer

    I'm just finishing the brake gear on my 47, then have to buy and fit the decoder. Still have a tiny bit left on my thumper (+ the awful engine casting) the will make a start on my MMP dogfish, so the 9f shouldn't get a look in for a while.
    Being pragmatic, I thought I would wait and see a build started first to allow me to learn from some one more able than me!! :thumbs:
    Also, this radio control malarkey looks very interesting on Richard's thread. I might see how that all pans out, as I may fancy utilising on my 9f!! :cool:

    Ps: apart from a dabble with a RJH 33 about 25 years ago, my first serious go at an etched 7mm kit was with Jim's brake van. It literally felt like it fell together, and Jim was so helpful! What a massive confidence booster, and a great brake van that I'm really proud of!!
  17. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    Well Jim's brake van is done and time to move onto other unfinished business

    Also made a start on the Class 37 and got the bogie stretcher built up. I did go about face and make the frame up with the stretchers and then tack it into the body shell
    I was able to sort the bogie spacing before I went any further so I know that is right. The paperwork is only a guide anyway so I will work my own way through it. I think the blow torch will come in useful as the body just sucks the heat out of the 40W iron even on full chat

    I succumbed to the draw of the MMP stable this morning and have a set of David,s B1 bogies on the way. They look so good on peoples build threads I just have to have a set. I really wanted the full BG, but that will have to wait with the 9f due very soon

    Oh and now I have some low melt I can finish the Lowmac so it can go to the club with the brake van on Thursday for a trial run

    With the chassis of the Summers hoppers almost complete I need to get the hoppers further on but then I really need to get the room decorated, so they will have to wait. Also it's back to work on Monday after the long break
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  18. parky

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    Been thinking about this diesel kit. I had intended to do some views of the build as it went along as I have struggled to find anyone else that has detailed a build. There are a number of lets say challenges with the notes, though the kit is all there if a little basic via modern standards

    On reflection, it is not my job to do such documentation and publish it. I will just leave things as they are and take it as one of life's lessons

    Ian G, I will send you a PM later as to pointers. There is someone at the club that is bringing his built version in this week so I can check his take on things
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  19. Dikitriki

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    I would have thought that if there is little or no on-line information, then some photos of an ongoing build would be very helpful to others who may wish to go down the same route. It is invariably more helpful to show how problems were overcome than to document a build where everything falls together.

    If not you, who else?

  20. djparkins

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    Yeah I am provided I'm NOT called Dave Parkin!

    David ParkinS
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