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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by parky, 14 November 2015.

  1. parky

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    I agree David, thinner and finer certainly describes these bogie etches. The instructions are also a work of art, especially the annotated diagrams

    Not sure Mr Grumpy, these bogies might be loaded onto the Lowmac for display. I will then need another set to go under the BG when I order that later. Now when are MMP going to bring out there famed loco kits again :drool:
  2. Heather Kay

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    I think you already did! ;)

    Sidling off topic, the RMB is not far off the bench.
  3. parky

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    I have your RMB build bookmarked Heather along with farnetti's BG one for inspiration. Looking forward to the finale
  4. djparkins

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    Thank You Parky. The bogies for the BG are in the kit.

    Here are some more tool links that I must mention. I love some of the Tamiya, Hasegawa and Trumpeter tools and because they are from manufacturers not normally associated with railways might be overlooked.

    Hasegawa scriber with oilstone - HASEGAWA TRYTOOL Modeling Scriber TT1

    This is a great tool - comfortable to use and is perfect for pushing through the fine detail you find on the .008" detail frets in our wagon and coach kits. Unfortunately I've been able to find these in the UK and had to order the last ones from Japan - but again, great service.

    Also - Hannants - Plastic model kits and accessories

    A bit closer to home for supply - Trumpeter chisels - now these are really nice.

    Hope you don't mind the thread hijack. I won't do any more unless asked!

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  5. Dog Star

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    Yes please, maybe you can add something about why you think a specific tool has benefits over what might be in the typical WTer's toolbox.

    thank you, Graham
  6. parky

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    Hijack away David That's what the forum is all about
    Any update on when some of the kits of yours that I read about will be available again?
  7. djparkins

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    Too old for deadlines and if you give estimates people think they are deadlines!
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  8. djparkins

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    Hello Graham,

    Well the scriber has just the right tip for pushing through the rivet detail on our detail frets - indents too small for say the GW Models rivetting tool [which is excellent BTW] - but push through detail on .008" material only need the gentlest push or it will go right through.

    The chisels are very sharp and do what they are supposed to do in one pass usually + [very important in any tool] they are, like the scriber, well balanced in the hand [at least they are to me!], giving you total confidence when using them.

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  9. Osgood

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    Ask DJP No. 36

    What material would you recommend for the work surface when cutting brass and n/s frets with these tiny chisels David?
    I was thinking maybe a piece of heavy brass?

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  10. djparkins

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    Hello Tony -

    Sorry - I've not used them for that. I use them for sharpening up detail edges on white metal or resin castings or for removal of any small amounts of excess solder - that kind of thing. I'm really a scissor man for etchings [and a Swan Moreton cutting on a formica type surface for where I cannot use scissors - hardly at all]. I see Hannants are not listing the normal headed chisels in 1mm, 2mm & 3mm but maybe others have them.
  11. Osgood

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    Thanks for the clarification David! Was a bit concerned about using a surface too soft which would distort fret edge or too hard which could damage chisel for this application. I had set myself up with a pair of as yet unused Xuron cutters just itching to be put to work….
  12. Ian G

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  13. JimG

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    I use a wood chisel on a piece of hardboard to cut sheets of etches down to single items and that works well with the hardboard being firm enough to prevent the material from being distorted, yet soft enough to avoid blunting the chisel unnecessarily. Eventually the surface gets fairly rough, so I keep moving around on the hardboard to get a flat area. I reckon that MDF would be suitable as well.

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  14. Ian G

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  15. Mr Grumpy

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    I often find wearing two pairs of specs helps! :D
  16. parky

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    So it's not just me :cool:
  17. Mr Grumpy

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    ....it's one of the benefits of getting old :( (beats the alternative though)
    Now I need to find my specs ....to find my other specs :confused:
  18. parky

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    That's the vision sorted, so now just got to find out how to pick up and manipulate some of the pieces of these bogies from Mr Parkins. Won't even consider the soldering bit yet :oops:

    Anyway, is are there others planning on going to the Bristol exhibition in 3 weeks ?
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  19. Mr Grumpy

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    Oh crikey....you forgot the S!!! :eek:
    Expect more homework !! :D
  20. parky

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    Ooh no more haste less speed :'(

    Off out to the club before I make any more howlers