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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by parky, 14 November 2015.

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    I am going to be there if you want to waste some time discussing BR1 bogies.

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    Now that sounds interesting, may others join in?
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    Shame David doesn't make a kit for B4/5 & commonwealth bogies. The B1 bogies look superb.
  4. parky

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    Yes the B1's are exquisite. I have everything cut, cleaned and bent up ready to assemble. I do like the fact that pieces slot into others and can then be clamped. No point posting progress of my B1's when farnetti has done so in such detail
    7mm - MK1 Brake Goods | Western Thunder

    I did start soldering up but have stopped now as my current methods are not a patch on Ken's virtual no-solder process. I think I will either send for a solder paste or at this late stage wait and get some at Bristol. Well that is weather dependant. We got home from Liverpool last night to an inch of snow up here on the hill
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    Whilst looking at other things brass, I am after some info on the Class 37. Does anyone have access to the works drawings of a Class37 please ?

    I want to try and sort out this odd shaped roof and reasoned if I could get the dimensions I can make an inner former for the brass. So really only the main roof radius and the transition curve into the bodyside. I presume I also need the centre of the arc to have a chance of getting them aligned

    A web search is not getting very far other than end on shots, which I might be able to scale
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    Nope, sorry.
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    Hi Graham,

    I think S7 have a stand there, many of the SW area group are going. In any case will no doubt spot the GB red hat from afar.

    If Parky replies can make a specific time.

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  9. parky

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    Sounds good plan to me

    I might know some of the SW group from my time living in Bristol
  10. parky

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    Well I failed to get sorted and arrange to meet WT's at Bristol last weekend, though I did drop in and see Brian Daniels with his impressive 4TC. I only spent a bit on some Easi-Build wheelsets, but the event was good and I got my mind sorted as to what I do and don't want to model

    So I came home and weakened by ordering a BFK from the MMP stable. Having made a start on the pair of MMP bogies the other week the draw of the 64' MK1 chassis in it's glorious detail was too much. It seems a shame to put the coach body on the top later

    I seem to have fallen into the trap that everyone else has, of having many kits on the go at once. Once the MK1 chassis and bogies are done, I really must get the Summers hoppers finished as they are well over half done already

    A bit of a delay though at the moment as the railway room needed a new ceiling. Whilst putting the first new piece of plasterboard up today the plaster started falling off the walls. So now another 10 sheets of plasterboard are required after the walls have been cleaned up. Then I can get the N gauge layout built alongside the O gauge kit building bench

    Now that MMP 40ton bogie trolley does look nice. Oh don't go there get on with what you have to do :(
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    It's been a long time and nothing to show here for it. I lost the Mojo for a bit, with other things in life going on

    Meeting Peter (PAD) at Keighley was really useful as not only did the 12W coach get towed around by one of Peter's excellent locos, but with a bit of prompting on his thread to get my workbench thread updated. Got to do some of that gainful employment all week so will see what time is available outside of that to upload some build photos here
  12. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    And one down with 10 to go. Oh and a few other things to finish off in the background

  13. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    The final fittings on the hopper now done, ladders characteristic of the John Summers hoppers over the Tunstead ones

    Hopper complete.jpg

    A bit of a production run whilst I was motivated to do the rest of the first batch of hoppers


    Also I got a second Brake van finished as was typical in the day, top and tail

    Built hopper.jpg
  14. parky

    parky Western Thunderer

    To fill on some other things I have turned my hands to and not updated here

    I wanted to have a go at building some track to see what the challenges were. Well with some Peco chairs holding some Marcway rail to Intenio sleepers, I then went one step further and looked at Templot and a simple turnout plan. Well a guy at the club ended up buying it off me for his home layout. Following that he went on to build his own points with my assistance. I went on to build this

    3 way.jpg

    This was designed for Richard Lambert and uploaded to Templot, so I admit to poaching it and not taking the time to learn Martin's excellent software system. The ability to select a blade length and radius and just print is such an asset to the hobby so much so I sent a donation in return
    I have to admit I still have to glue the blades in place but I have been busy doing so much else as further updates will illustrate
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