Pen Y Bryn

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Phil.c, 1 March 2013.

  1. Phil.c

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    You're correct, Heather, the suspension must have been upgraded by a previous owner.....that's my story anyway :):):)
  2. adrian

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    Exquisite. :bowdown: :bowdown: The bodywork damage is very effective with the rusting holes in the panels. How did you do the broken windows? Are they actually glass slides or some other method?
  3. oldravendale

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    Phil..... you're a bloody vandal!:)

    Absolutely stunning stuff.

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  4. Phil.c

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    There's a trick getting the bashed panels and holes looking authentic, the metal is up to 2mm think, so it's best to grind the back of the panels until they're paper thin, then the holes & dents are thin and have thin edges which is convincing.

    The windows are the original plastic fitted to the cars, this is marked with a scriber for open or half open, taken out and cut with a jewellers saw, the cracks are just scribed on.

    Yep Brian, I'm a vandal, :D but I'm told that these cars are now worth a lot more in this state :)

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  5. Geoff

    Geoff Western Thunderer

    Nice to see you posting again Phil and thanks for sharing your methods of vandalising cars, top work my friend. Thanks also for adding the special effects to some of my photos, I swear I could smell smoke, steam and hot oil ;)

  6. Phil.c

    Phil.c Western Thunderer

    There's an aditional effect to Photoshop called smell Geoff, I hope I got the right amount of smoke, steam and hot oil :)


    PS. After spending the last five years on pure modelling, yesterday I decided to get some loco's running...the track needed serious cleaning (still not all done!) The loco's barely run on a rolling road, they had to be stripped and cleaned/oiled, not a nice task with DCC fitted and all those wires, they now move good, but another problem is point motor switches (frogs) as these also need attention :(
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  7. Phil.c

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    Just bought Model Rail magazine and I'm very pleased with the nine page article on Pen y Bryn :)

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  8. Phil.c

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    Posted before a long time ago with now none viewable Photobucket but I've just come across them again.

    61xx whitemetal kit, etched chassis,Mashima motor/flywheel/60:1

    61xx Clouds.jpg zzz copy.jpg
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  9. Phil.c

    Phil.c Western Thunderer

    Model Rail Magazine out now has my step-by-step on how to create scrapped cars, some of the pictures were posted here a couple of months ago.

  10. Phil O

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    Wow, I've only just spotted this thread and I have too say the modelling is absolutely superb, the attention to the fine detail is amazing. Also some cracking photography, it's a pity about the earlier photobucket pictures.

    I also like the guitar playing, I'm off to see the Eagles in Brum next Friday.
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  11. Phil.c

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    Thanks Phil, appreciated :)
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  12. AdeMoore

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    I also have only just caught up with this thread as everyone says absolutely stunning modelling.
    I like the PS photos to. Is the light natural light? LED? Or messed about with I’m PS to get those lighting effects?
  13. Phil.c

    Phil.c Western Thunderer

    Some natural some LED Ade but no PS lighting effects.

    Sorry for the late reply!

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  14. AdeMoore

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    Amazing thanks for the reply.
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  15. Phil.c

    Phil.c Western Thunderer

    Just found this picture.

    57xx station xxxz reduced.jpg
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  16. Phil.c

    Phil.c Western Thunderer

    A change of weather here :)

    7 mist xxxz.jpg
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  17. Phil.c

    Phil.c Western Thunderer

    Some new pics.

    Wagons 03 B7W.jpg

    Wagons 01 B&W.jpg Wagons 01.jpg Wagons 04 B&W.jpg Wagons 04.jpg Wagons 02.jpg Wagons 2 B&W.jpg Wagons 03.jpg
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  18. Phil.c

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    More wagon shots.

    Goods 5.jpg Goods 5 B&W.jpg Goods Shed crop B&W.jpg Goods Shed crop.jpg Goods Shed.jpg Goods 5 B&W.jpg
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  19. Phil.c

    Phil.c Western Thunderer

    Some new pics.


    6a B&W.jpg


    7a B&W.jpg
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  20. Phil.c

    Phil.c Western Thunderer

    Canon 12G for this tight shot.


    8 B&W.jpg
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