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    Hi Alan. From reading various threads and webpages it would seem a key thing to amend on the Parkside kit are the side handrails. The diameter quoted in drawings is apparently the internal diameter of the pipe used not the external.

    The external should be somewhere around 1.25mm. The wire provided in the kit is apparently getting on for half that and therefore looks far too weedy.

    The other big learning points seem to be that the handrail wire bending diagram is undersize (repeated photocopying?), so make your own measurements, and that the floorboard support brackets are easily broken so best replace with some brass.

    Won't be starting mine for a while but will be interested to see how you get on.
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    You need a Road van.......not these Toady things........nice road van
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    And a Queen Mary... Can't have too many brake vans.
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    Target today is to try and get the first wharf building complete and into primer. That means more tarting with stonework, yawn.

    Would be nice to have a brick building to do for some variety but there aren't any.

    Wharf buildings - stone with some render.
    Station buildings - stone.
    Goods shed - stone with some brick detail.
    Signal box - stone.
    Cottages, various - stone with some render.
    Grain Store - stone.
    Clay wharf store - stone with some render and timber.
    Provender stores - wrinkly tin and asbestos.
    Various sheds and small huts - concrete and timber.

    12 main buildings in total, not a brick one amongst them. Possibly something to do with choosing Bodmin North and area as inspiration...

    On the plus side, 6 of the 12 have been started and are in various stages of completion.
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    And as way of a bit of light relief, we had a trip along the Ashby Canal on Friday. Beautiful weather, could have been summer if the trees had been in leaf.


    Ashby Railway bridge

    Shackerstone station in the trees

    The good lady being artistic with gin

    Bizarre sight no1, an interesting roof box

    Bizarre sight no2, proof unicorns are real

    Great end to the day
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  7. Pencarrow

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    Stone faced. Nice try though.
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    Interesting to look at photos of these old buildings at Wadebridge (originally the B&W loco works). Looks like half of one was reroofed in wrinkly stuff quite late in the day.




    Just look how wobbly and irregular the roofs are. Mortar almost flush with the stones but, as Stu says, missing under the window of one section. The hunt continues for a good colour photo.

    I was for a minute going to have a look at my own photos of Wadebridge but then remembered that the buildings made way for the CO-OP car park...
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    Thanks for the tips Chris.
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    One solution would be to use a bit of licence and have a WWII brick air raid shelter tucked away somewhere. There are quite a number still standing and converted to other uses.

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    ...or an outside toilet.
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    Bog off...:p
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    A day later than I hoped, the stonework tarting on the first wharf building is finally, finally done. Just the door step, window cill, side door, side window, and door furniture to do and then a spot of primer.





    Less attention paid to the rear than the two sides.
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    Oh, suppose the lean-to needs a roof as well... Forgot that.

    Definitely going to be a felt roof with wooden battens. Bit of a practice for another building. Going to use masking tape strips cut to a scale 3' wide and overlapped. Plastic strip for the battens. May do a section with the felt damaged revealing the time below.
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    like that wooden beam very much, it has "visual weight" far in excess of its actual...
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    Thanks Simon. Given how easily plasticard can warp when you don't want it to, I was a little surprised that I had a hell of a game making the beam curved and twisted, plus the wall to the left.

    I'm currently contemplating Lego bricks. I had an idea this morning...
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    At last, the first wharf building has made it into primer. So here we have the current state of play:

    The lower posh stonework has been slightly more distressed than in previous photos. A few vertical scrapes on the wall under the bricked up entry were stuff may have been dragged up.

    The sticky out window has received a few more dings and dints.

    Door step and window cill fitted. I forgot to file the second cill layer flush. Ooops.

    Roof has been felted, iron mongery added to the doors.

    Now the doors are in primer you can see just how rotten they are.

    Roof felt was done using strips if masking tape.

    The building will be set into the hill at the rear and therefore I've added some filler bits to take it up to the backscene.

    Simon's favourite beam...
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    And the two together insitu...



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    Superb !
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    Doors and windows in the main buildings are separate units. Should make painting easier and keep them safe from damage whilst I paint the building shells.


    To try and add a bit of age to the building appearance I've made them a bit of a motley assortment.