7mm Pencarrow - Cornish BR(S)

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    I don't think they are concrete blocks. Not sure what they were or the colour but I'm assuming some sort of stone facing. The colour is less pronounced looking by eye rather than camera.
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    Going by the quality of the finish of the stone blocks on the ground floors, of what would have been the the station buildings at the time, I would suspect this was either Lower Devonian or Upper Carboniferous sandstone from one of the Cornish sandstone quarries. Sandstone is also a lot easier to work than granite and would have been used in order to reflect the importance of the railway buildings.

    Quoins, window quions, lintels and sills may have been granite in the Cornish tradition.
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    What colour do you think it would have been?

    I know sandstone can vary from white/yellow to red.
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    Looking at the few original photos of the buildings, they do show a good amount of variation in the stonework colouration and that the lower fascia stonework looks like a lighter colour (white/grey) rather than a darker red. Any thoughts folks?

    rps20180729_151611 (2).jpg

    rps20180729_151643 (1).jpg

    Of course I need to allow for an additional 80yrs of weathering!
  7. Yorkshire Dave

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    I would use Bodmin Jail as your guide for the upper floor stone colour variations.

    For the ground floor faced blocks, which would be relatively uniform in colour, I would go for subtle variations of a light greyish red/pink as this would be from the same quarry.
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    For those concerned that the colours and contrast are too bold, here's a couple of before and after shots of a building I made in 2010 for Diesels in the Duchy:

    Bold highlights on the left with shading washes being applied on the right.

    The finished job after quite a bit more work.

    The Par Inn prototype.

    The above is 4mm for a friend's EM layout. The stonework was all hand carved from plain plasticard to match photos.






    post-6675-097205400 1286312104_thumb.jpg

    I think that was the last time I used plasticard strips for roof tiles. They go all wavy over time!
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    Superb - I wish I had a fraction of your skill/artistic talent - I can spend hours fiddling around painting things and it still looks like s**** !
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    Current progress:

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    Looks so much better.

    Just a thought though, have you considered whitewash?
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    Which bit on?
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    All over :)
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    Just a heads up with these aerosols, they are great when they work and there is a good range to be had, however, I have taken several back to the shop where I purchased mine due to them clogging, both during and after spraying. They were a box fresh delivery too.
    Just saying.

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    Wonder if you got a duff batch? Not had any issue with clogging on mine. I do drop the nozzles in thinner after each use though.
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    Thanks chap. I much prefer making buildings and structures than rolling stock. You can get away with murder on dimensions and paint finishes. Could really do with finding someone who likes building loco kits but hates making buildings!
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    Possibly, I tried to clear the nozzles too but to no affect.
    I did take them back to the *shop* and had them replaced without question and the replacements did work fine thankfully.

    * Purchased from here - Arts & Crafts Materials - Blue Gallery - ( in Barnstaple ) usual disclaimer etc. I have found the shop to be an excellent art supplier and also sells airbrushes of good quality too. *
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    Bit of a way to travel for rattle cans for me old fruit!
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    So a bloke wot you know in Brazil is probably too far as well...