7mm Pencarrow - Cornish BR(S)

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    You are correct, I get the two mixed up all the time. I think you corrected me once before on the water tank at Penmaenpool!


    (No, we weren’t standing on the tank at the time!)
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    I was told by Brian Dollemore, (a real artist at painting his beautiful Shire Lane 2mm resin building range) that on stonework, the algae / moss etc will tend to yellow colours, but on brickwork more towards dark green. I have used dark green washes on many of the buildings on CF, where appropriate, and it gives the building a much better sense of ‘place’.
    TFW’s workshop

    And of course everything in Cornwall is wet...

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    Certainly is today...
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    You always tell me it's tropical down there...
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    Oh it is, it is... - wall to wall blue skies now (10 mins ago it was dark, grey and seriously persisting down).
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    Liquid sunshine?
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    Can't tell, it's gone dark again...
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    It is here this week. 10 inches of rain so far.
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    No rain here for over two weeks, the vignerons are getting worried. We too are praying for a deluge to clean the glass roof (verrière) of our house, so please don't keep all the rain to yourselves!
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    Just needs a change of wind direction and you're welcome to as much of it as Cornwall is willing to export, currently they give it to us for free! Which is about all they do give away. Currently in sunny Devon, which makes a change!

    Just watching the weather forecast and some of it is due to cross the channel.
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    Yorkshire also has plenty of water - we should be saving it then selling to the 'two days consecutive sun and it's a drought' South East for a price..:D
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    We’ll do you a swap.

    You give us water when we have a drought and you can have as many trucks from Operation Stack as you like. In fact, you can have all of them!

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    I don't think we can fit any more on the M62!
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    I've decided to leave finishing the colouring of the wharf buildings for now. Every photo I take of them and every time I look at them the shading shifts from white to yellow to grey.

    Also I keep looking at my collection of colour photos of the stone buildings at Bodmin North and see the same colour shifts. In the later case that will be down to lighting, film stock, processing and printing.

    Think I need to work out what lighting I'm going to use and finish them under that plus also try and decide what shading I'm aiming for.

    In the meantime a few shots...




    I think what I'm actually saying is that I'm not happy with the colouring yet.
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    Moving on, this is a building I started 2 years ago that will be getting some attention:


    It's a prefab provender store built from sections cast at Exmouth Jct.
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    I think that’s a very sensible idea. It’s something I’m trying to impress on my model railway club as we approach scenics on our big OO roundy-roundly.
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    I try and do all my painting in daylight. As for lighting you can now buy 'daylight' LED strips.

    You don't want it too intense being a background building and I'd be tempted to add the mortar before weathering further. I presume the 'mortar' is to follow?

    I'm not sure what colour mortar they used in North Cornwall as it appears most photos on t'interweb show re-pointed buildings which are not necessarily a good guide.

    However, I'd try and mortar wash made up from a sandy/grey colour using the MIG (or similar) weathering powders on a hidden part of the building. mix it as a paste and brush it on. Let it dry, then wipe the surface leaving the mortar behind.

    I used this with success on the Biggleswade weighbridge. The grey patch at the top is where I hadn't wiped the 'mortar' off. To the left is where I had wiped the 'mortar'. Some gets left behind on the bricks but this adds to the effect.
    BW 08.jpg

    And on the engineman's bothy before adding the weathering.
    Bothy 65.jpg
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    I think the colouring is “expletive deleted” fantastic. (You may choose your preferred expletive)

    In addition to waiting for the lighting, I also think you’ll want to see the buildings in location when more of the foreground is done, as the muted tones will add a sense of space.

    I suspect Dave’s thoughts about daylight LEDs are worth consideration too.

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    My railway room is entirely lit by modern LED strip lighting. Very economical and as the ex-home cinema has no windows the LED "Daylight" is the only option available. The light is even and doesn't change with use. The 9 units are, however, warrantied for only 5 years use after which each unit may need replacing as it fails. I am hoping 5 years is a minimum and will be exceeded at least two fold.

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    I gather that after Wrexit foreign weather won't be permitted here any more . . .
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