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    Not concrete steps, but thought these might help.
    20190324_151127.jpg 20190324_151137.jpg
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    This is the grain store. Note how the large square opening (which will be a window) is offset to the left compared to the stone wall below.

    IMAG6502 - Copy.jpg
    Here's me making it a few years back and a comparison with the photo I was working from.

    All the photo extracts below support this offset...
    post-6675-0-20188400-1435616336 (1).jpg



    So what's going on here?...
    The window now appears to be aligned with the stone section...
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    I think the door has got narrower

    But it doesn’t seem enough. Parallax as well?

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    The window has been altered. The central, thick mullion has been lost in the last picture, and a large square, vertical buttress added on the left. Also note the white panel to the right of the window is much narrower than the stone was - the whole wall/window seems to have been remodelled.
    The original central mullion was more or less directly below the roof ridge - this is not so in the last photo.

    The last picture is also taken from much further to the right (away from the platform) - note how far across the doorway the fence appears, compared to the previous b/w photo.
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    I'm with Stu on this - the window has been moved.
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    So in summary then, I'm not going mad? The weird building gets weirder!

    Given that the front edge of the roof seems to have lost its sag, I wonder if the whole thing was collapsing? The revised window position and the new thick column would certainly support the roof better.

    Amazing what you suddenly notice after looking at photos for years.
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    The last photo certainly shows a straighter “gutter line”, which might suggest it’s been repaired or partially rebuilt. So assume I’m wrong, and the parallax is making the door look less symmetrical with regard to the cross-piece that’s obvious in the middle - I think the gap on the right looks less in the last photo, hence my suggestion.

    If so, the changes are all to the upper floor. Can you trace the vertical boundaries of the various features to a common scale, and see what has moved that way?

    Opening the images in GIMP would allow you to overlay them. I might have a go at lunchtime if I’m not busy.

    If it’s a grain store, why does it need windows?

    Curious. Very curious.

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    Only the central top section has windows of any size. The boarded up door at ground level was originally rail served before the LSWR remodelled the area and lowered the station.

    Perhaps the central section of the building was a sort of goods reception and the two wings the stores? The central section was quite deep and originally had a coal store behind...


    Must have been quite dark inside, even with those big windows.

    I'd love to find out more about the history of this building, even if its just the demolition date but I've not found any written details yet other than this photo caption...

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    Yes, Trelissick Gardens, again, in the courtyard next to the coffee shop. Taken yesterday with your concrete steps in mind.

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    Think you'll find it traditional to use an X to mark the spot rather than a circle.
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    No, that’s a definite circle of confusion (Optics 101)
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    I've had another go at doing the rusty roof on the side wharf lean-to...

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    Needs more moss.

    And yellow algae.

    And seagull deposits.
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    Probably need different colours for those...
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    By "seagull deposits" are you meaning chips, ice creams, pasties and small children??
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    Not when your layout is set, they knew their place back then.
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  19. Threadmark: Louvres tutorial

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    Returning to the provender store...

    Now all the blockwork is done I've been quietly working away on the ends. Corrugated material added and the outer framework finished.

    One feature I was putting off was creating the louvres. I'm sure there are other methods and that an etched brass solution would be easier (once drawn and etched) but this is what I did:

    The voids were lined top and bottom with 10thou and wedges added to the base of each side.

    A strip of 10thou 7mm wide and 20mm long was placed on top of each pair of wedges. A spacer of 20x40thou strip was added to each side.

    The process continued layer by layer. It was now I decided I really should add the black framing as it helped firm up the louvres. No idea why the top vertical was off centre on the prototype...

    Process continued until 5 louvres on each side were in place. Once everything is dry and hardened off the spacers will be trimmed back.

    A shot from low down:

    And head on:
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  20. Pencarrow

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    From the rear:

    I did cheat a little and inserted short bits of 40x40thou in the centre between each louvre to keep them straight.