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    I think that the close fitting of the malachite lycra might have BEEN the problem:eek::eek: Just saying------

    regards Rog
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    Pencarrow update...


    Layout somewhat buried by the contents of No1 daughter's old room. Which has gone from this...


    To this:


    Can't believe how much mess the easy peel border made getting off, nor how many coats of "cover all" basecoat paint it took to cover the delightful pink and purple paint.

    Carpet being fitted tomorrow and then, once everything is back in place, a decorating intermission to work on finishing the grain store...
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    Shock horror!

    Done some actual modelling today. Have rounded up the modelling tools, cleared off the workbench and dug a path through all my daughter's stuff to the layout.

    The grain store saga continues...


    The final two buttresses being formed...

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    The previous lot of stonework carved at Stafford show...


    I can see from the photos that there's still a few to finish off.

    Here's the full wall with the gaps for the two buttresses...

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    ..I'm just going into the room and may be some time...;)
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    And the final buttress starting to take shape...

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    Working my way down the buttress...



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    About time too ! ;)
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    Been waiting quite awhile to see some further progress on this keynote building, let's hope the mojo keeps going long enough for you to get the job done.
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    Just a question....

    You have the mortar courses horizontal with the ground. Should they be perpendicular to the sloped front face?

    As they are any lateral movement of the wall being supported will push/slide the buttress blocks away. If the whole stack was built leaning in to the wall, those forces would just push down through the stones into the ground.
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    I can imagine some muttering and cursing...
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    Knowing Chris I would expect a beer before that !
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    Horizontal courses are far more common in this situation, especially as Chris is putting a lot of effort in to making stepped buttresses which would always have horizontal courses. Sloping courses would be quicker to model as the outer face of the buttress would be smooth, but they are more difficult to build in reality and tend not to be as well bonded into the wall.
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    There I was thinking my late father-in-law and I got it wrong when we built some butteresses with horizontal course when converting a barn into a house on the slopes above Slapton Sands. As it is still there thirty years later, we must have been nearly right. Mind you, it did all creak at the time.......
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    I think, think, mark you, I’ve seen both sloped courses in a buttress, and horizontal ones.

    I do understand that horizontal ones would be much easier to bond into a wall, and equally, sloped courses would be less inclined (sorry...) to slip outwards under stress. That said, the mortar might have a higher shear strength than the stone.

    I suspect that it may also depend on the use of brick or stone.

    I might go googling...

    and on the second click I found both...


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    You've all been busy whilst I've been away! Good discussion.

    Yes Stu, this was something I thought about - horizontal or sloping courses. All the photos I have of the grain store, except one, are taken at a distance with the building not the object of the photo.

    You can't see the courses in any of these photos but the general impression you get is the buttresses are lumpy \ stepped rather than smooth. To me this indicated that the courses might be horizontal.

    The one photo that is a close up is of the central and left hand section of the grain store but does have a slither of one buttress on the right hand edge. To me this definitely didn't look like the buttress had a smooth face and sloping courses. However that is just a slither of one of the buttresses, and the building has long been demolished, so who knows.

    I think the buttresses were added when the LSWR changed the goods wharf to a proper station, demolishing the wharf buildings and excavating the ground to provide more space for the goods yard. Again it would have been easier to build the buttresses with horizontal courses into the existing structure.

    I finally went for stepped buttresses and horizontal courses because, as has been stated Overseer, they are much easier to build. This whole building was cobbled together with a multitude of materials with little thought given to appearance.

    In the end I thought that the stepped buttresses would look more interesting and would be more of a challenge to make!

    So as you see, all guess work.
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