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  1. TheSnapper

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    Dear All

    Apologies if you’ve seen this already, but you may like these online jigsaw puzzles from Pendon.

    I am not really a jigsaw fan, but they are quite addictive!

    PendonMuseum - 200 Pieces

  2. Osgood

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    Argh! Now what did you go and post that for!!!
    Took a quick look and thought 'Mmm all the pieces are orientated in the right plane so won't be very exciting'.
    Maybe so - but still highly addictive!
    What a great initiative by the Museum for the lockdown and beyond.
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  3. AndyB

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  4. Pencarrow

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    Tim, I've lost the last 4 hours due to that link!
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  5. 3 LINK

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    Being still of a working age, I went for the more speedy 24 piece choices as time is precious.

    Your a naughty man Tim, and yes quite addictive.....

  6. Pencarrow

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    Took a while (41.47 with a phone call interruption) but then I didn’t realise you could click to view the actual picture until I was 3/4 there!!!
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  8. Pencarrow

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    This one is a bit trickier...

    Old Bodmin - jigsaw puzzle (136 pieces)
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  10. Pencarrow

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    That's not even the correct puzzle. Go back and try again.

    :shit: effort. :p
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