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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Simon, 30 December 2014.

  1. Simon

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    Several people I know have sets of 1/32 scale etches for the ubiquitous Southern PMV, one of the most widely travelled Pre Nationalisation vehicles on B.R. - I personally saw one on my train to Kyle back in 1974 and photographs of them in service are very frequent right up until the 1980s.

    Bachman are about to do one in 4mm scale which should be stunning, Hornby Dublo did a very good CCT version years ago and Kirk and Slaters have done very decent kits in 4mm and 7mm scales respectively and there are others kits out there too. No self respecting Southern Region layout can really do without one, or two, or three......

    Our etches come from Ken Martin and are blown up from a good 7mm kit which is marked "David Parkins 1984" but I think I recall "our" David Parkins saying earlier on on WT that he wasn't the originator of the etch.

    No matter, with my line coming together and passenger trains on the roster it's time to get it/them built. There are some aspects of the kit that we may want to change or do differently but we have sort of challenged each other to "get on with it" one way or another so hence this thread.

    So I trust that two of the blighters in 1/32 will appear on this thread very shortly, and in the spirit of New Year and WT it might be fun if anyone else in a Southern PMV/CCT frame of mind fancied joining in. No scale or origin restrictions, any scale, any source of bits etc, just for fun - but something that has to be "built up".

    Right, a bit of shed time methinks, before Steve finishes his.......

  2. Neil

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    As you're going head to head will be able to watch the race unfold here (my preference) or will we have to keep checking your individual workbench threads? Also what odds will I get on Cookie finishing first?
  3. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I think it should all happen here.

    I haven't got down to the shed yet but I have just ordered a few useful prints from Paul Bartlett's website:thumbs:

    I reckon I'd put my money on Cookie, but then I think I may be slightly ahead at this early stage. Mind you, it's all very quiet on the Cookie front, the blighter's probably fretting out pieces of etch while I'm typing this.....

    Gotta go!
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  4. queensquare

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    To quote Mr Valentine, "a duel, how very delightful"

    Jerry, (who is trying to think if there is a 2mm one so I can join in the fun)
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  5. Simon

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    Well I've made a start, but I have made a real meal of it so far.

    Bending the solebars was a near impossibility using a vice and the odd bit of metal I have lying around, I can't bring myself to remember how many Radio 4 Extra programmes I went through whilst bodging and fumbling my way to a barely acceptable result, but that's just about what it is.

    I then went on to solder up one end and it was the same story, I have lost my "eye" for soldering brass sheet. In my defence the kit does say that a resistance soldering iron is a good idea. I have one on loan and might try it out later. A hotter iron, cleaning the bit and possibly deployment of "Bakers fluid" is more likely:eek:

    In the meantime and after quite a bit of fibreglass brushing and barkeeper's friending here's progress so far.

    Dundas 015.jpg

    The body etch is folded up and all put together "dry".

    The picture's a bit dark but that's just as well as it hides what it really looks like:cool:

    It's all suspiciously quiet on the Cookie front, but I need to sharpen up my act to deal with all the applied detail whatever happens.

    That's it for today, as I feel I have now entered the "ruin it" zone:confused:

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  6. Steve Cook

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    Looks OK from here Simon (100 miles away and all that) :p

    Can't believe that somehow we have progressed from a parallel build and encouragement to an all out duel with you stealing a cheeky march and starting before I was even home, rather caddish don't you think ;)

    Enjoy your head start is all I can say!

    Despite making good progress on my GBL today, I think I have at least one more day of working on that before I can start the PMV, it may even turn out to be two. Rest assured, I will be chasing you down after that though :))


    PS - The etches have at least made it down from the loft and I have stolen a quick look through the instructions, looking forward to it.
  7. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Well as they say in those films before they all get wiped out - "it's very quiet out there"

    I was tormenting myself in the shed again earlier today and have very tortuously managed the other end and put the chalkboards on the main body shell, one of which is crooked and needs re-aligning:confused:

    So at year end:

    AYearend 017.jpg

    I can see that I will be taking some major detours from the true soldered brass path of righteousness in order to get this blessed thing finished:confused:

  8. Captain Kernow

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  9. jamiepage

    jamiepage Western Thunderer

    Not quite the same thing, but hopefully in the spirit of this thread, I have started to sketch out a working drawing for a 1/32 d.3105 plastic PLV/PMV which seems an appropriate prototype for some plasticard bashing.
    However, I'm struggling to find decent photos or drawings of the underframe so wonder whether anyone could point me in the right direction please?
    The references I have to hand are An Illustrated History of Southern Coaches by Mike King, and A Pictorial Guide to Southern Wagons and Vans by Terry Gough; they have been good enough to make a start but I would like to attack the thing with a bit more confidence, detail-wise.
    Thank you.
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  10. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I like the sound of that!

    There is a worthwhile description, numbers, two photographs, "biographical" notes and a good enough scale drawing in Oakwood's "Southern Railway Passenger Vans". Now out of print I have a copy here but it is difficut to open the book out without breaking the spine.

    Here is the best I could achieve with the camera just now.


    You are more than welcome to borrow the book.

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  11. jamiepage

    jamiepage Western Thunderer

    Thank you very much indeed. If I may, I will pop in to the shop next week if that's convenient? I would be keen to see the photos. The drawing is similar to one in Mike King's book and presumably based on the same source although door detail is shown differently. (As is body length for some reason).
  12. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Hi Jamie.

    Yes that's fine, I'm just off to the shop now to re-arrange the basement to take more stock and will take the book with me now so it's there to be picked up next week.

    I hope to return to my bodging here this evening.....

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  13. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    It would be interesting to see how you tackle it in 1/32 Jamie. Here's dad's model of the same thing in 4mm:



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  14. djparkins

    djparkins Western Thunderer

    It was my work. We released it in 7mm in '84 and in 10mm in '85. Sold a few, enough to make it pay [really to cover the cost of the patterns for the castings] and make a few bob on top.

    Then I sold it in Dec. '86 to a guy called Harry Dumas from down Brighton way. He was a superb modeller. I think he was a postman. Anyway IIRC he sadly died not that long afterwards. I lost track of the kit thereafter.

    It was featured in a series of TV programmes presented by Bob Symes [well known for building a diesel-powered Class 47 in 10mm] - the PMV kit being built on TV by Stuart Hine.

    Had to really combat the old memory loss to remember all that lot!!!

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  15. jamiepage

    jamiepage Western Thunderer

    Thank you for those photos; what a lovely model, with a great deal of character.
    Have just had a happy few minutes milling out what will become an inner body shell, from 3mm plastic. Window openings are oversized to take glazing in due course. Current idea is to build up the outer detail with .020 panels, then a final 'layer' of .005/.010 framing etc.
    Roof will be permanently fixed to better represent what was presumably a flush and bonded joint on the originals, the floor will be bolted in place to allow access to the interior.
    Current thinking is for the floor structure to be rebated around its edge such that part will slip up within the body shell whilst a lip will be visible around the bottom to represent what looks like a slightly recessed tray- type structure on the originals.
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  16. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    This sounds almost exactly what dad did. I'll be following with interest.

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  17. jamiepage

    jamiepage Western Thunderer

    Panels have been put on the inner sides and will now be left to dry tonight.
    .o2o plasticard was used for the main panels and .010 for the doors, the difference because it's possible to interpret one of the photos I have to show the door skinning slightly recessed when compared against the main panels. Not entirely convinced of that to be honest, but the slight difference may get picked up in some lights and add a bit of definition to the sides.
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  18. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook Flying Squad

    Great stuff Jamie, off to a flying start :)

    I have at least sorted through the spares box and found a vacuum cylinder, coupling hook, wheels and W irons. There is a bit of work to sort out matching the wheels and wheel bearings, but it should be doable. All the bits I have laid out on the bench

    PMV1 Basic Components.jpg

    Time for a spot of dinner, then I can make a start

  19. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad


    I'm the rabbit in the headlights:))

    Shop basement sorted, hopefully a trip to the tip tomorrow and then putting stock down there, lots to do.
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  20. D816Foxhound

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    Simon, Steve,

    A PMV race, this should be interesting!

    I found this kit challenging and it tested my patience on several occasions, but in the end it builds up into quite a nice model.

    I too had problems folding up the sole bars. I made such a mess of them that I had to use brass channel replacements instead.

    You will have lots of fun with the undersides.....