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Discussion in 'Forum Information and Issues' started by Big Train James, 13 December 2017.

  1. Big Train James

    Big Train James Western Thunderer

    Are there any specific rules or regulations regarding posting video to WT. There are size restrictions for photos - are there similar restrictions for video format. Are there any words of advice on how to add video, or is it really just the same as for photos?

    Also, if I create a CAD tutorial video in response to a question or issue in a particular thread, should I post the video in the original relevant thread, or should I post it in the Cad Corner sub-forum?

  2. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    At the moment video formats are blocked as pure attachments, even if they were enabled there would be the usual 10Mb limit, which isn't much for a video anyway.

    The usual technique for video is to post it on one of the video hosting sites, youtube being the obvious one. The forum software will automatically embed the video in the post. Or you can use the media button on the toolbar to specify the video to embed, this lists some of the sites that should work.

    If it's a user guide of how you've done something or to illustrate a point it might be better in the CAD corner and you can include a link in the original thread as a pointer. However I wouldn't worry too much about the location, we can always move the post around later depending on the response.
  3. Big Train James

    Big Train James Western Thunderer

    Thank you Adrian. I think Blueberry will host video on their own server since I used their program to create it. If that doesn't work, I'll create a Youtube account.