Pottery Quay. EM test track / shunting plank.

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Phil O, 22 April 2019.

  1. Scale7JB

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    It's a very brave piece of track building. Looking forward to see it progress.

  2. AdeMoore

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    Excellent stuff, looking very nice all the hard work track laying/building will be worth all the effort.
  3. Phil O

    Phil O Western Thunderer

    Thanks for all the likes.

    Track building is not all that difficult and it's something I enjoy, well I did until I started the tandem as that is my first build using C & L chairs on plywood timbers and I have learnt a few things from it, mostly remembering that you have to omit chairs in certain places to allow for the chairs on adjacent rails that have yet to be fitted and it certainly adds time to the build, but overall I'm pretty happy with it, as the bogie runs through it very sweetly and it doesn't yet have the check rails, which I will attach one I can get an 0-6-0 chassis to run through it.
  4. Phil O

    Phil O Western Thunderer

    And now to pick up where I left off yesterday. I put all the switch rails in the other turnouts and my 9 foot bogie runs through them all, so I'm pleased with that.

    Pott 42.jpg

    Pott 43.jpg

    Pott 44.jpg

    So that's all the turnouts done, all bar the check rails. So next is to get the turnout operation sorted. I'm using SG9 servos bought from china at about £1.30 each for 10 including packing and postage.

    Pott 45.jpg
    They are fitted into MERG servo mounts. I'm also using their micro switches for the common crossing polarity switching.

    I have assembled the MERG servo 4 operating units, which require testing before fitting the chip set. I have been waiting for the female portion of the 2.5mm power supply sockets to arrive so That I can progress on that front.
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  5. Phil O

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    Not much visible progress this week, the two Servo4 boards were finally tested and finished. I have also marked and drilled the holes for the electro-magnets for the Sprat and Winkle couplings. I have also put some tails on them to allow for quick changing should the need arise.

    There has also been a bit of track fettling following the production of a rolling 0-6-0 chassis which showed up a few tight spots, this will be on going.

    Off to London tomorrow, for a visit to Scaleforum on Saturday I hope to arrive late morning.
  6. Phil O

    Phil O Western Thunderer

    Progress this week has been a bit slow, but the wiring up is progressing. The first two bays of board 2 are pretty much there apart from a few common returns, the black wires. Then I just need to tidy up a bit once I can find the spiral wrap.

    Pott 46.jpg

    Then on too the last bay, which will include the baseboard links.

    Won't be much progress next week as I'm off to see my parents.
  7. Phil O

    Phil O Western Thunderer

    Only just got around to doing the update for last weeks progress. The wiring for the track and turnouts is pretty much complete on board 2 and a start made on board 1.

    Pott 47.jpg

    Pott 48.jpg

    Still to do on board 2 is to fit and wire the electro-magnets for the Sprat and Winkle couplings. A 2nd pair of eyes is needed to fit the servos for the tandem turnout, hopefully I can get that tonight at the club.
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  8. Phil O

    Phil O Western Thunderer

    Sorry folks, no photos this week as when I came to take them I found that I have broken the lens on my phone camera.

    The servos were fitted on Tuesday evening and work is progressing on board 1. I noticed this morning that I have not fitted the power feeds for the servo4 circuit board on board 2, this will be rectified next week when I return from London.
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  9. Phil O

    Phil O Western Thunderer

    This weeks update is again sans pictures, the cost of repair is nearly the cost of another phone as the broken lens has damaged the photo cell or whatever it's called.

    The previously omitted power cables have been installed. I have fitted most of the electro-magnets, but have run out of screws. To keep up momentum a start has been made on cutting out the front facias, as the off cuts will provide material for the control panel, which will help to finish the wiring.
  10. Phil O

    Phil O Western Thunderer

    Slow progress this week as a funeral and a visit to my parents have curtailed modelling time this week.

    The electro-magnets are fitted and wired and I have made a start on building the control panel and that's about it, for this week. I'm hoping that I can get all the lectrickery sorted before Christmas and I can move onto other more exciting developments, like getting a loco up and running.
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