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Discussion in 'CAD Corner' started by Lancastrian, 2 November 2019.

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    I guess no one, however it still would have been handy on the D16 with S7.

  2. Lancastrian

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    Not a problem John. I am designing for S7, mainly for myself, but I will have to take into account brake hanger positions for a couple of classes for FS, if anyone would be interested that is. At least I'm not going to be doing the Brighton Atlantic, as that is little finger gap between the flanges !!

    Baltic Tank should be ok.


  3. Lancastrian

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    Started work on yet another prototype !


    This is only a rough draft so as to set out the axle centres as I have no actual drawings to work from yet. Hughes 0-8-2T banking engine.

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    If you're suffering from 'lockdown' blues - perhaps if you could have a look at the Aspinall 0-6-0 saddletank (rebuild of the B-W 0-6-0's) - trying to work up some enthusiasm for one in G3. :thumbs:

    Take care.
  5. Lancastrian

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    Hi Barry,

    Hope the two of you are doing well. Lockdown Blues ? Hmmm, there might be a song there. I already have a couple of the 0-6-0ST's as MM1 models produce them (ex-JLTRT, ex-MM, ex-Chowbent, in that order I believe). They have very nice crisp resin cast boiler/tanks ;). I can see one having cast rivets filed off though as the kit only provides for those locos rebuilt with 4 panel tanks.

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    Yes, Ian. Both of us are a ducking and a weaving.

    I've lost count of the ones I've built in 7mm - in fact, somewhere, in a box....., in a cupboard...., in a Galaxy far, far away...… I 've still got a couple (ex Chowbent) that aren't too far off the painting stage. Will have to dig them out & give them a coat of looking at.

    As commented, I'm looking to twist John Taylor's (Midnight Miller) arm to get the flat works machined out, Slaters have done the wheels (that's the hard one out the way) - then 'we' get the saddletank & lumpy bits 3D printed - Bob's yer Firkin Mrs Perkin...…!!! Easy, when you type it fast.
  7. Lancastrian

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    Hey Barry,

    Well the frames should be easy, as they're the same as the Class 25. Unfortunately, I don't currently have any drawings for them, or the Class 23 ST.

    In the meantime:

    Further work on the Class 31 frames.

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