Railway Art Exhibition - 19th August to 30th September 2018 - Locomotion, Shildon, County Durham

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    Looks just....wonderful.

    Congrats to Chris. These pictures have been displayed with great sensitivity.

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  2. Rob Pulham

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    Thanks Brian.

    When we arrived to hand them we were working on an arrangement which would give some of the darker paintings a position with more light. We were pleasantly surprised to find that locomotion have recently changed their lighting from Sodium lamps which gave off a rather gloomy yellow glow to daylight LEDs which allowed much more flexibility in the placement of the paintings without compromising the lighting of them.
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    At the opening of the exhibition my neighbour very kindly offered to video the event and turn it into a short film. He sent me a link to the finished production last night. - I now realise just how nervous I really was despite not really feeling it at the time....

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    Very nice indeed.
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    Anyone wishing to go an see Chris's Railart Exhibition at Locomotion, you only have a week and a half left. It ends on the 30th of September.
    If you go along this coming weekend it's the Autumn Steam Gala and the Guest loco is Oliver Cromwell.
  6. Rob Pulham

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    This weekend saw the closure of Railways on Canvas and we took down the exhibition this morning. Last Saturday saw the sale of another original painting with the gentleman who bought it collecting it late yesterday.

    For those who didn't get to attend, let me share with you something of what you missed. Entitled "Lurking in the shadows" This is has been suggested by a few people including myself as being Chris's finest painting to date.

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    Excellent stuff - what a remarkable talent Chris has! :thumbs:


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