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    Hello Western Thunderers, I do hope it is alright to post this here, I've been lurking for some time. I hope that this podcast will provide you with some entertainment!

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    It thrills me to announce the launch of RAILWAY MANIA, a Podcast aimed at fans of Railways of all kinds. My aim is to provide enthusiasts with something entertaining and maybe even educational. Hopefully it's something you can pop on in the background whilst you are modelling, for example.

    The focus is mainly going to be on the UK scene but will encompass the world when the subject demands it.

    Railway Mania will cover everything from Model Railways to the Prototype, Mountain to Underground Railways and everything in between.

    Episode 1 is around the 12 minute mark to give a light introduction, future episodes will likely grow in length. The main thing is that one should be able to pick it up and put it down at any time.

    Click here to go to the first episode on AudioBoom, where there is also the option to subscribe on Apple Podcasts so that it appears on your phone.


    Episode 1 focuses on the real ‘Railway Mania’, the craze in 1840s Britain to build as many railways as possible, and the consequences when that bubble burst…

    If you would prefer a YouTube link to subscribe to or watch on a one-off, here's the Railway Mania channel

    Most of all, I hope it is enjoyable.

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    'evenin all

    In between podcast releases I'd like to fill up the gaps with more videos.This one's actually a re-release but I hope if you haven't seen it before, you enjoy it! It's from back in 2014 at The Great Goodbye in Shildon.

    I mixed a bit of classical music in with Joe Duddington's retelling of the steam speed record attempt.