Re-numbering wagons... Dapol 7mm models of BR 16T minerals

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    Now I know nothing about either the method by which these models have been lettered by the supplier or the possibilities in the way of suitable transfers hence a request for help to WTers. I have bought several of the wagons in the "BR Grey" livery (not the models described as in "BR late grey") and that livery is to be retained, just a change of number.

    My initial thought is to remove the original number with a fibreglass brush, apply a black transfer patch of the same size as the original and then apply new numbers. What does the collective wisdom think of that approach?

    Any supplier offer transfers to apply the whole number in one go so as to maintain spacing and alignment?

    Thank you, Graham
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    It isn't clear from the above which period you are referring to, are these going to be pre or post TOPS and if post TOPS.

    Cambridge Custom transfers do the pre tops numbers, railtec do the post TOPS numbers

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    you could also try John Peck of Precision Decals, he will make up just the specific numbers that you require.


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    The 16T minerals are to satisfy our, joint, interest in the railways of the Forest of Dean... in this case circa 1960s and influenced by a long acquaintance with Ian (@Ian Pope). Who knows, we might even convince Ian to temporarily fit "broad-gauge" wheels to some of his rust buckets (mind you, Ian's viewpoint could well be that we need to hold onto the Dapol wheels so that we can run our wagons on that Phoenix layout "Knockley Gate").
  5. Yes, depending on what it is. There is a reasonably extensive 7mm catalog of ready-made numbers on the Railtec web site so you might find something you need already available, although there is always the custom route if absolute specific numbers are required. At Railtec they are spot printed (or even filmless where applicable) so contain no superfluous unsightly carrier film, contain full vibrant colours with no join lines in the print, as well as being the lowest price for custom work anywhere so I am told.

    Here's a link to the catalog of existing 7mm 16t packs:
    Railtec Transfers - waterslide model railway transfers (decals) for 4mm/OO gauge, 2mm/N gauge, 7mm/O gauge and all other gauges and hobbies
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