S7 Group Autumn Meeting - Tickenham, 6th October 2018

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    This post is being written with the knowledge and agreement of Ian Roll (@Railwaymaniac)... Ian is the organiser and host for this meeting.

    S7 Group members can read about the show in the most recent S7 Newsletter. For everyone else, here is a summary of the details:-

    * the venue is:-
    Ticknham Village Hall,
    205, Clevedon Road,
    N. Somerset,
    BS21 6RX.

    * Doors open at 10.30am and the meeting closes at 4.00pm.

    * Layouts are:-

    Tanat Valley Three by Peter Drost, the winner of the original Challenge 33 cup;
    Bolventor by Tony Phillips, a layout with origins in Tanat Valley One... ;
    Jericho Road by Andrew Campbell;
    Scruff's Junction by Graham and Peter Beare.

    * Entrance is £5.00 for S7 Group members or £7.50 for non-members;

    * a Ploughman's lunch at £5.00 for those who pre-book via Ian.

    Regards, Graham
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    Does anyone have a date for this year's October meeting - there don't seem to be any diary entries on the website. I'm planning a pre-emptive strike on the calendar with registrars ink (not that that stopped it being trumped last year grrrhh!)