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  1. oldravendale

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    I have a GNR full brake to build in 7mm so I'll find out!:) I have to say that the 4mm kits were an absolute joy.

    And I also have the crane, but that needs a bit of thinking about. (I've only had it in the unbuilt kits for getting on for ten years.....:eek:)


    100_1998 - Copy.JPG

    This is a detail shot of the bogie brake. The roof is a bit dodgy, but bearing in mind this is 4mm the level of detail is superb.
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  2. Martin Shaw

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    Funnily enough whilst sorting through yet more acquired stuff I found these, which will go nicely with the G5, so I think I'll keep them.

    A quick look at the, ahem "instructions", does rather suggest they were originally written for a 4mm kit, which also suggests that JB's comment is likely correct.
    I know next to nothing, well nothing at all really, about NER coaches, and I can see the clerestories being a challenge, amongst other things. Currently got the plasterer here doing the hall and landing so access all areas is somewhat limited. Best go and find some reference materials.
  3. Heather Kay

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    Is that all? :eek:

    (Mine's been a shelf queen for a good ten years longer than that.)
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  4. Scale7JB

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    About a third of the way through the 6 wheeler Martin.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  5. Dikitriki

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    That picture brings back memories Brian. I remember my father built a Kitmaster single and filled the body with plaster of paris for weight, using the motorised van as the propulsion. I pushed it up and down the straight track laid on the floor. Happy days!

    In fact, I think I have an unopened Kitmaster single in its box in the 4mm stash to dispose of when I get round to it!

  6. Scale7JB

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    Well that was a chore.. Inner end caps for the gas cylinders on the ex-GE 4 wheelers.
  7. Scale7JB

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    Couldn't resist a shot of these two together, both will form part of the same parcels consist.


  8. Scale7JB

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    At last, some discernible progress on the GE 4 wheelers.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Quick question, would the tops of the gas lamps have had a hole as a chimney for fumes? I may need to drill out the tops of the castings.

  9. Steph Dale

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    Nope, 'cos it would let the rain in. I know that may sound a little flippant, but whatever the technology used for the lamp, water would soon lead to a failure of the lamp. I'm guessing the vents or lamp tops are more like little hats, as they are on camping lamps...

  10. Scale7JB

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    I feel a 'Private Pike' moment about to turn up..

  11. Scale7JB

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    I've had these coaches on the go for years, and had many a research session to try and find pictures of the roofs.

    Of course though, the morning after I finish the roofs and piping, I find this...!!

    Carriage & Wagon News: April News Part 1

    The piping I've done is not quite right as it seems there's a feed and return pipe to the lamps, but I don't think in changing it now.

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  12. Heather Kay

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    If they’re gas lamps there would be a pilot light in each. Effectively, every lamp was always lit, but only illuminated when the main gas tap was opened, which would be ignited by the pilot and make the mantles glow. I understand there would be separate pipe feeds for pilot and main sources.
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  13. Scale7JB

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    Thanks Heather, I think that helps to explain the positions of the gas pipes a little better on the roof and I'll try a representation.

    Got the ladders on, and pretty happy with that.. Needs a good clean up though.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  14. Scale7JB

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    The next member of the works train..


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