'Seacombe': A glimpse.

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    Hi Again,Dave.

    The John Mann photo was the source of the 'mirage' referred to in my last post. I think I must have tried to convince myself that this 'footpath' was wider than it was!

    You're right about the goods yard too. This was further up the line as you quite rightly point out, and amongst other things, served the gas works and local municipal yard. However, there were a couple of sidings to the north of the station platform that must have served a purpose (coal yard/loading dock/newspaper vans?), so somewhere, there must have been a point of access for vehicles.

    As you can see from my station plan, there was a set of gates that gave access to the northernmost platform. However, from what I can tell, vehicular access would have been restricted to the platform end by the presence of boundary fencing and lack of route leading down into the yard area.

    I have considered a reduction in scale as you suggest but not for the purpose of forced perspective. As the buildings in this scale are pretty big, I might build those to the rear at a scale of 6mm to the foot so that the scene doesn't look too cramped. Just an idea.

    Btw, love the aerial shot, Dave.

    Thank you once again for your valuable and interesting input. Please feel free to suggest any further enhancements or useful tips as you see fit.

    Gratefully yours,

  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    This will work. 6mm = 1' is just a shade under 1:48 at 6.35mm = 1'.

    I just like the idea of a slice of an area.

    If you want further inspiration this is the footpath I created from the station to the gate on my layout. I made it narrow with weeds and grasses overhanging the path.
    Iden Road 11.jpg

    And the gate (behind the figure) at the road.
    Iden Road 18.jpg
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  3. jonte

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    Luvly, Dave.

    Just the sort of back-of-beyond look I'm striving for.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Martin Field

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    There's an example of forced perspective on my thread "Scenics".
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    Thank you, Martin.
  6. jonte

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  7. jonte

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    Sadly, I have withdrawn my entry from the competition.

    I shall continue to follow my fellow competitors entries here with great interest.

  8. Alan

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    Why Jonte?
  9. jonte

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    Without wishing to sound glib, Alan, it’s simply a case of the wrong subject, in the wrong scale, at the wrong time, for the wrong modeller.

    Good luck, Alan, with Louville - at least you know what you’re doing with all your valuable experience and the right ‘type’ of project - and thank you for your concern.

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  10. Richard H

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    Sad to hear this, Jonte. Good luck and more joy with your next project,
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  11. jonte

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    Thanks, Richard.

    I’ll keep following your entry. Best of luck,

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    I'm sorry to hear that you're bowing out Jonte - good luck with your next project.
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  13. Richard H

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    Thank you!
  14. jonte

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    It’s very kind of you to say so, Paul.

    Good luck with ‘Old Parrock’.


    PS....love the lock-up and the chat about ‘The Albion’.
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  15. PaulR

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    Thanks Jonte - I just can't resist making up stories!

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  16. simond

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    It occurred to me that you might find some interest in this - the other corner of the Wirral, and a different scale, but all grist to the mill!

    West Kirby Town - at last, some scenery! - Page 72 - 7mm+ modelling

    I passed by the short length of sandstone wall that is the remnant of Seacombe station two weeks back...

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  17. jonte

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    It’s kind of you to flag this up for me, Simon, with my abiding interest in Wirral’s long history of railways.

    This model captures well the station and it’s environs, and the added magnitude of O gauge gives it that vital ingredient of mass. Unfortunately, the 7mm scale is a tad too large for me at present, although I intend to revisit it one day when time, money and failing eyesight dictate;).

    Incidentally, the West Kirby station featured in the Wirral Railways book mentioned in my thread, is the adjacent former joint GWR/LNWR one which was the epitome of a rural BLT that would make an excellent subject for a model, at least I’ve always thought.

    It’s amazing that anything of Seacombe remains bearing in mind that at least two housing estates have occupied the site since its demise. Long may it stand!

    Kind regards,

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  18. simond

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    Glad to have been of service!

    I am a Wirral lad, born, bred & buttered in the one-eyed city, Birkenhead, I remember well the loom of Tranmere Rovers’ lights on a Friday night... I lived at the top of Manor Hill for most of my childhood.

    I knew nothing of Seacombe station until I saw your thread, I recall the Wallasey tunnel being built, but hadn’t clicked that the access road was the right of way of the old railway line. Given she’s a Wallasey lass, I’m quite surprised that my mum knew nothing of the line either, she was quite surprised when I told her that it had finally closed in my lifetime, let alone hers. It’s been educational, thanks!

    Looking back, the sad thing for me is that as a kid, we always went to Chester by bus. I don’t think I ever used Woodside station. :(

    Watching your Cheapside thread with interest
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  19. Ressaldar

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    Then there is the other terminal - New Brighton.

    We - Wirral O Gauge Group, have just completed wiring up the layout and are installing the signals and associated control panel. The station building and goods shed have been scratch built using 'cameo cut' plasticard based on dimensions taken on site for the main building and drawings for the goods shed. Work is now starting on Portland Street bridge adjacent to the signal box and to the embankment that is adjacent to Victoria Road.





    New Brighton is a 'branch' off of the DCC continuous run circuits of the Club's main layout.

    We would welcome WTers to our next Open Day on Sunday 10th June - Club room located in Unit 7, The Odyssey Centre, Corporation Road, Birkenhead, CH41 1HB from 13.00 to 17.00

    Hope that you don't mind the take over Jonte,, as I say, would be great to see you.



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  20. jonte

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    If nothing else, at least my failed attempt served a purpose. I’m pleased about that, Simon.

    Thanks for sharing details of your early life in Wirral, it was interesting to read.

    I sincerely hope I can maintain your interest in Cheapside and won’t disappoint. I’m afraid I’m not that technically gifted or experienced as you as an engineer, so perhaps I can make up for it by creating a sense of time and place.

    Best wishes,

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